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Name: Kandis
Age: 20...yes I am aware I look younger than 20, I'm told so everyday and I don't appreciate it right now but I'm sure I will when I'm old.
Location: Ontario, Canada

5 of your favorite bands/singers: The Used, Sublime, From First to Last, alexisonfire, Bright Eyes
5 of your favorite movies: Nightmare Before Christmas, Taking Lives, Twisted, Donnie Darko, Garfield
Favorite TV show (as in one): The OC
How the fuck did you find us?: I did a search out of boredom for a new rating community and found this and the info caught my attention it's to the point and not annoying.

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Angelina Jolie, she's intelligent, kind, mysterious, extremely talented and pure fucking sex!
Abortion: I would never have an abortion unless I was raped because I want my child to have all the love in the world and if I were raped and had the child every time I looked at I'd feel depressed/angry/ashamed and that would make me incapable of giving him/her all the love he/she deserves. However I would always look into adoption first. I don't agree with some people using abortion as a form of birth control, I know a few girls who have done that...hello what the fuck do you think the pill or condoms are for?! In the case of rape or that giving birth would be fatal to the mother and/or child I'm for abortion but otherwise I'm not.
OPEN self-mutilation: I'm not going to pretend I understand it at all. My sister use to do it and she tried to explain it to me a few times and it's not that I'm close-minded I just can't understand why someone would want to cut themself for any reason. I think whoever does it should get help right away whether it be from a friend, family or a professional, there are other healthy ways to deal with your problems.

Please promote to one place (go here for banners): sparkle_girls

At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:

sorry it's so distorted but it's the only body shot I have on my computer
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