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Name: Madison
Age: Sixteen
Location: Oshawa

5 of your favorite bands/singers: Blink, Switchfoot, TBS, The Used, Nelly Furtado (guilty pleasure)
5 of your favorite movies: Nightmare before Xmas, Edward Scissorhands, Ginger snaps 1 & 2, Hocus Pocus
Favorite TV show (as in one): FRIENDS (so sad its gone)
How the fuck did you find us?: Well, when i left the plastics community cause it was dull there was a comment with this promo =D

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Christina Aguilera: My goodness, i want to shoot her in the face. She was all prissy and whatnot way back when and she was so sweet and innocent and then she came out with dirrty, and she wasnt lying when she calls her album dirrty. She has an amazing voice, ill give her that. But i find it so sad that a lot of younger kids looked up to her and now shes a whore. She wears a skirt that barely acts as a belt...tell me how that is something to look up to.
Abortion: Well I think that if the women was raped, or is not able to bare the child then abortion could be an option, but if you are just being a dumbass and having sex and not being safe about it and get yourself pregnant, you can not kill an innocent life, put the baby up for adoption.
OPEN self-mutilation: if you mean OPEN as in..not hiding it from anyone then omfg. i hate people like that, clearly they are doing it for attention. There are so many people at my school that cut and then come to school wearing a T-Shirt OR they will wear a sweater and pull up the sleeves and when someone asks about the cut they quickly pull down their sleeves and say something fuckin stupid like "oh my cat scratched me" even if they dont have a cat! but you know in their minds they are thinking "YES! Someone finally asked me about my cuts!"

Please promote to one place: total_promotion and uber_promoting

At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:
My arms look fat in this pic =( and i look like shit cause its early in the morning

Sorry this one is kind of small



This is me and a little girl i babysit..Emily...she is effin adorable.


Mmmm stuffing my face..thats one of my best friends.

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