Kristie (playwitmahbunny) wrote in _lust_4_us,


Name: Kristie
Age: Seventeen
Location: Birmingham, MI

Hobbies: taking pictures, writing, painting, dancing, having fun..
5 of your favorite bands/singers: Britney Spears, the Pixies, Bright Eyes, Boys Night Out, Death Cab For Cutie
5 of your favorite movies: Eternal Sunshine, Cruel Intentions, Pulp Fiction, Requiem For a Dream, and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion..classic.
Favorite TV show (as in one): Sex and the City
How the fuck did you find us?: The lovely Bianca (italianbb) invited me.

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Paris Hilton - At the bookstore the other night I was looking around and decided to read a few pages of her book Confessions of an Arrogant Whore Heiress, which basically gives in-depth instructions on how to be rich and thus, act like you’re hot shit. (FYI: The first instruction on her list is to “be born into the right family.” Others include having a cute name and more than one cell phone). All I have to say is too much money, too much free time.
Abortion: I’m pro-choice, mainly because I think everyone has the right to decide what happens to their body (in this case, whether or not they choose to have a child). Plus, making abortions illegal will only intensify the problem in my opinion. All it would mean is that more people will be going to illegal abortion clinics that are obviously extremely unsafe because the people administrating the abortions aren’t certified and most likely don’t know what the hell they’re doing.
OPEN self-mutilation: I think it’s sad. The simple fact that some people think harming themselves is the only way to feel better and get over their emotional pain bothers me. However, just like those with an eating disorder, it annoys me when people that do self-mutilate feel the need to display it to the world, as if it’s really something to be proud of.

Please promote to one place:

At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:
I apologize for the quality, my cam is shitty. But what do you expect when it comes free with your computer?

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