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Name: ♥Sarah♥
Age: 19
Location: Bay City, Michigan

5 of your favorite bands/singers: New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Smile Empty Soul, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Billy Talent
5 of your favorite movies: Finding Nemo, Shrek (1and 2), Monsters Inc., Panic Room, Harry Potter (1,2, and 3)
Favorite TV show (as in one):Friends
How the fuck did you find us?: My friend...untouchedbeauty

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: I really do not like Christina Aguleria...she just bothers me, her music is cool and everything but I just don't like the way she looks and the way she dresses she reminds me of a barbie doll on drugs and that's just disgusting!
Abortion:It's the girls choice if she was raped she should have the choice of getting an abortion or keeping the child it is up to the girl really. I don't really like the idea of killing a child but it is totally up to the girl.
OPEN self-mutilation:One of my friends used to do it and all it did was bring everyone that loved her pain, it may release pain at the moment but then in result to doing it you are left with scares and the scares remind you of what happened and then it just happens again. I just don't like it...
Please promote to one place (go here for banners):


At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:

♥On the right...

♥On the left...

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