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__cOuRtNeY <3

Name: courtney
Age: 16
Location: east haven ct

Hobbies: editing movies & pictures, writing poetry, listening to music, singing
5 of your favorite bands/singers: brandnew, evanescence, HIM, jack off jill, britney spears
5 of your favorite movies: white oleander, american history x, childs play, amityville horror, white chicks
Favorite TV show (as in one): fearfactor
How the fuck did you find us?: italianbb

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Amy Lee; i think she has the most amazing voice, she sings the truth and is beautiful. i think Amy lee is a perfect role model because she makes me feel like i'm not the only one going through hard times. her music touches me in a way no other music does.
Abortion: i think it's honestly the women's choice. if your raped i don't see a problem with it but if your just foolish and dont protect yourself then you deserve to be pregnant.
OPEN self-mutilation: i think self mutilation is a beautiful thing. but suicide on the other hand isn't. i feel that if suicidal people had just calmed down and didn't kill themselves they would see life would get better in the long run.

Please promote to one place (go here for banners):

At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:

^ closest one to a body shot i have.
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