and the SMILES are so difficult to FAKE (untouchedbeauty) wrote in _lust_4_us,
and the SMILES are so difficult to FAKE

Name: Carla
Age: 17
Location: San Diego, California

Hobbies: making my friends laugh, playing beach volleyball, basketball, drawing...

5 of your favorite bands/singers: Underoath, Britney Spears, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Thrice

5 of your favorite movies: Jawbreaker, Some Like it Hot, Home Alone, Mean Girls, The Patriot

Favorite TV show (as in one): Everybody Loves Raymond...because the guy raymond reminds me of my dad. ha.ha..

How the fuck did you find us?: this fuckin gorgeous girl whose username is italianbb invited mee

Your opinion on...

One Celebrity: Adam Sandler. I have to say he is one of my favirotes. He is so funny, and can act any part. He can play someone serious and someone whose just plain out goofy..and yeah.

Abortion: personally i think abortion is killing a human. i know some people say that it doesnt count because its not an "actual human" yet or whatever, but i believe that even when the sperm is first conceived, it counts. i also think the only way someone should be able to have an abortion is if they are raped. thats probably the only situation i could understand. but using abortion because your not responsible is dumb. say for example my friends sister. she uses abortion like its a form of birth control. you know what else is a good form of birth control? either KEEPING YOUR DAMN LEGS CLOSED or a that so hard?

OPEN self-mutilation: ive experienced watching my step sister go through this phase. its really hard. and even though ive thought oh god i just wanna kill myself right now, i could never bring myself to doing it, let alone hurt myself numerous times. i could never understand this if you shoved all the information about it in my head. and i dont think anyone could understand unless theyve gone through it personally. and i cant honestly understand what could be SO bad that you would want to hurt yourself over it.


my face....ew?

closest one that i could find of my body..sorry..

pretty much the same pictures...and yeah my boobs look huge in the first pic for some reason but i swear they
arent that big haha.
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