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Name: Aleksandra..but I go by just Aleks.
Age: 16
Location: Courtice, Canada

Chillen with friends, swimming ( I'm on my way to teaching classes),
Just anything that takes up time and is fun!
5 of your favorite bands/singers:
I have a really diverse taste in music
-the used
-britney spears
-ludacris ( hes got some funny lyrics)
-hot hot heat
but really it could be anything, It depends on the mood I'm in,basically
5 of your favorite movies:
-forrest gump
-dead man walking
-american beauty
Favorite TV show (as in one):
 Amazing Race ( I'd love to actually participate in the race, not like its ever
going to happen though lol.)
How the fuck did you find us?:  italianbb promoted in my journal

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: Tom Hanks.. Oh my god, I love this guy. I think all of his movies are amazing, he is one of the best actors out there. His role in forrest gump is amazing, he captures the character perfectly. In the movie Philidelphia ( if you haven't seen it make sure you do!!) he plays the character of an aids victim and he makes you see this mans struggle on such an emotional level.I just absolutely love his work.
Abortion: I used to be completely against it but then as I get older I see how eliminating it completely wouldn't be that good of an idea. There are many situation in which women would rather take this option. Alot of people say that that is what adoption is for, well what if you're raped..that nine months you're with child is a constant reminder of what happend to you.What if the baby has a genetic disorder that would only cause the child to have an agonizing life? There are just to many reasons to why we shouldn't eliminate abortion completely out of the picture.
OPEN self-mutilation: I can never understand how someone can hurt themselves. I dont like the fact that they do, but I also strongly believe that if you know that a person is doing this you should help them or atleast try to give them hope and re-assure them that there are other ways to take out their pain. Sometimes all that person needs is someone to talk to, and you could be that person.
This Picture: Okay.. seriously, What the fuck is that? Thats either a ugly man or a VERY ugly woman. But the bottom line is that it's UGLY. And why is it trying to look all cute-sy? It doesn't help, nothing will... except for some extreme plastic surgery.

Please promote to one place :
At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:

I have some more pics if these aren't good enough, so let me know if you need anything else <3


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