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Name: Amanda, but you may call me Manduh.
Age: sixteen
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Hobbies: my friends, raving, local venues aka shows, prancing around spontaneously, music, shopping, photography, and Chicago.
5 of your favorite bands/singers desaparecidos, electrocute, freeze pop, hot hot heat, and the killers.
5 of your favorite movies: </font> never been kissed, Moulin rouge, Chicago, pulp fiction, and the brave little toaster.
Favorite TV show (as in one): one tree hill.
How the fuck did you find us?:
italianbb told me to join.

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity: </font> gwen stefani, she has always been one of my idols. I mean just look at her. She has the look of a Marilyn Monroe/hot Madonna, and that is just sexy. Her music is always a top hit, and it makes me want to dance and rave. =)
Abortion: I think that in desperate measures people should use this, such as rape. There are other options besides abortion that women should consider before approaching this. Women have the option of adoption, and if they cant handle someone else raising their child, I don’t think they would be able to handle killing their unborn child. Women should be responsible for their actions. Simply if you have sex, one use a condom to protect yourself, and two if you don’t want the risk you should be on the pill.
OPEN self-mutilation: People who hurt themselves to feel better, should try different ways to stop there pain, and not by hurting themselves. I have had experience with these with a couple of my friends, and its not a good way to stop the pain, it just adds more to the problems. They should seek counseling or just someone to talk to talk to, like a friend.
this picture: he or she is not very attractive. I don’t have a problem with boys who like to act like girls, I think its adorable. But this man/women is no close to hot. The white lingerie blends with his/her pale skin and doesn’t flow with the overly bleached cocaine hair, which in my opinion is sick. If your going to cross dress, please at least look half way decent.
Please promote to one place:

At least 3 pictures; one with your face, one with your body:

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