imgonnagetchu (imgonnagetchu) wrote in _lust_4_us,

Name: Kristen
Age: 16
Location: PA

5 of your favorite bands/singers: Hawthorne Heights, Fallout Boy, Kelly Clarkson, Lil Jon, Sean Paul
5 of your favorite movies: In Her Shoes, Elizabeth Town, Sister Hood of the Traveling Pants, 40 yr old virgin, I am Sam
Favorite TV show (as in one):Laguna Beach
How the fuck did you find us?: I was just randomly looking at communities

Your opinion on...
One Celebrity:Lindsay Lohan: i think she used to look georgeous and i think shes a good actress but i dont think she is a very good singer and i think she should die her hair back to her old color and gain a little bit of wieght back
Abortion:because of my religion im against abortion, i dont really like to argue about it.
OPEN self-mutilation:I think that people who do that sereously have problems and they need a coulslor. 

Im on the right with the skirt on

ME and my sister making goofy faces because we are well.... goofy!lol

Me and my little brother!

Me *in the black dress* and my best friend at walmart being retarted ;)

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