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icon drop off - bsg (may contain large doses of pilots)

These icons are mostly pilots (and some were sorta rushed). Well, actually, they're ALL pilots. I can't restrain myself - they are too pretty.

[06] 'Six Of One' deleted scene (Kara/Lee)
[18] 'The Oath' (pilooooooooots!)
[03] Starbuck
[01] Viper Mark II
[01] Katee Sackhoff (Law and Order)
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(BTVS) Buffy will open a can of whoop as

Iconses like whoa

[54] BTVS {B/A, Buffy, Angel, SMG, DB...}
[33] BSG {Katee/Starbuck, Aaron/Chief, A/K, Anders..}
[14] Dead Like Me
[17] Random {Bones, Carly Pope, Scott Speedman, Heath Ledger, Chris Cornell...}

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This is X-posted like a bitch.


[02] SMG
[06] BtVS (B/A)
[35] BSG
[02] Katee Sackhoff (Bionic Woman)

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(BTVS) Buffy will open a can of whoop as

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[40] BTVS {all from WTTH}/SMG
[18] Wonderfalls
[17] BSG - Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, A/K

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