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19 August 2006 @ 08:53 pm
Haha, I have a tendency to make icon posts right before I go away. So..here is it! Not as much BTVS (and B/A) as I would have liked. But enough for a decent icon post. I didn't really do too many non fandom stuff. These are sort of like the leftovers.

[44]BTVS (incl 2 colourbars and 1 userinfo)
[9]Wonderfalls (1x08 - Lovesick Ass, haha and I'm STILL not done iconing that ep!)
[32]Popular (all from 1x14 - Caged, 4 Leslie Bibb)
[4]Angelina Jolie - for angelina_lims

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10 August 2006 @ 11:46 pm

What you'll get:
[53]BTVS and etc
[16]Wonderfalls {incl. Caroline Dhavernas}
[28]Popular {incl Carly Pope}
[34]Randoms/Music {Billy Talent, The Killers, Audioslave, Metric, Josh Hartnett, Kristen Kreuk ....and more!}

Gives us a grand total of..132 Iconses!

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21 July 2006 @ 04:44 pm
X-posted to fantrack cuz well..it was DUH made for it and also my journal. Fake cutted to fantrack where I posted the song lists for your downloading pleasure.

(front) (back)

Because I'm a loser and felt like doing a back cover too. Shadapindaface. That's why!
As per Lisa, she said it was ok if I uploaded the songs. Originally I was going to zip the album and upload that, instead I caved, uploaded the individually. Yes yes, but OMGZWHY! You says, well for me at least, it's the *feel* of the song that does it for me, moreso than the lyrics themselves - also some of you may not want to download the whole album. Point of music is cathartic, and it should make you feel a certain way, it shouldn't be about just sitting there and reading the lyrics, it's about reading (hearing) between the lines. So anyway, generally speaking I don't use any sappy "love songs" for B/A, guess a couple in there that you could consider some. But for the most part it's about what they don't have and what they want from each other.
(Fake cutted to Playlist and downloads)

(front) (back)

In contrast to my B/A album, fairly light, not as angsty. Eric/Jaye is hard to describe for me, the draw that is. They both love each other, but Jaye has a hard time embracing/accepting this fact. Eric being this broken damaged person who doesn't know if he can find love again...and does. So basically it's about Eric wanting Jaye to open her heart to him - yes that's a Madonna plug. Plus it's also the fact that Jaye may well be certifiable *WEG*. Basically they just have this strange and conflicted relationship, but one thing is for sure, they love each other. Awwwee.
(Playlist and downloads)

P.S I'm actually tempted to now do a Sam/Harrison album, from my newest obsession Popular only prob is lack of caps (and promos as a matter of fact). *sigh*
13 June 2006 @ 01:29 am
[30]BTVS (and related alumni)
[12]Grey's Anatomy (mostly actors)
[22]Wonderfalls (all from 1x07)
[9]Dead Like Me (67-69 from 1x07)
[26]Misc (actors, Fight Club etc...)

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I'd also like to welcome another very special and very sexy lady to the fold!


Woot! She makes amazing icons, mostly BTVS. So you should really go ahead and check out her icons! Not only is she very talented, she's a great person, she's my very good RL friend! She's been added to the userinfo already, and hopefully she'll make her introductory post soon, if she's not too busy watching Wonderfalls *G*. Compliments of MOI. YES! I WON'T STOP TIL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU HAS WATCHED IT!1! *evil laugh*


I'm tired.
14 February 2006 @ 12:43 am
Don't worry Sinninator, not very spoilery. Jaye, Eric, Eric/Jaye heavy.

21 x 1x04 - Wound Up PenguinCollapse )

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