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29 June 2007 @ 11:01 pm
I've become actively obsessed with Doctor Who again, and as a result went on a rabid search for any clip of David Tennant I could find. Now I can't stop obsessively fangirling about him. K. He's Scottish, and he's the first guy I ever thought looked hot in a kilt. lol Enjoy!

1 2 3

[x] 4 from Utopia
[x] 7 from Blink
[x] 22 from The Sound of Drums
[x] 26 of David Tennant

***please comment if you take, and credit secretlyevileen in your userpic info. thanks.

3x10-Blink 3x11-Utopia 3x12-The Sound of Drums belowCollapse )

David Tennant!Collapse )

4 Misc Text iconsCollapse )
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