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01-04: for sugarfixx
05-08: for cursedfire
09-10: for plumcheeks
11-14: for taught_to_dream
15-18: for drankmywar
19-19: for angelswings

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20-24: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
25-27: Lexx
28-29: Firefly
30-44: Stock

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(BTVS) Buffy will open a can of whoop as
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Icons Part 1. BTVS-O-Mania!

Guess it's my turn to post. For the sake of saving ya'll on dial up, and also for the sake of those not interested in non BTVS fandomy stuff, because I've been doing a lot of non lately.

[*] 28 B/A
[*] 21 Buffy/Sarah
[*] 7 Angel/David
[*] 23 Gen BTVS
[*] 2 Headers/2 WP's

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[*] Part deux of this batch is here