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[13] Buffy the Vampire Slayer (animated)
[14] Jared Padalecki (one icon with 8109238123 variations)
[22] Robot Chicken Star Wars Special (animated)

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (animated)


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[erithegreat] icon dump

[01-07] Animated buckshotwon
[08-08] Demetri Martin
[09-15] Geico Commercial Quotes
[16-17] Slither (Bill Pardy Outtakes)
[18-29] Animated How I Met Your Mother
[30-34] How I Met Your Mother Quotes (Barney)
[35-36] Hayden Panettiere
[37-41] Joe Strummer
[42-45] Animated Scrubs
[46-70] Supernatural (3x01 The Magnificent Seven)
[14] Misc Supernatural Banners


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Mixed Nuts. Grandma's Boy, Supernatural, Just Friends, MadTV, Clone High, Misc. Quotes

11 Grandma's Boy
16 Supernatural
1 Wonderfalls quote
2 Just Friends
1 MadTV Bobby Lee quote
1 Scrubs quote
1 Firefly quote
3 Clone High

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Icons: Dexter, Eliza Dushku, Ghostbusters 1&2, Jensen Ackles, Scrubs, Supernatural (all Dean)

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resources are all in my memories (not the communities). the ghostbusters screencaps are from Digitalius.

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