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22 February 2006 @ 12:55 am
Hey all. I'm just can't get my BTVS iconing groove back. I've been iconing some other fandoms, but I thought I'd post these because I'm not sure how much or when I'll be posting some other BTVS icons that I'm satisfied with. So it's a fairly small batch, but here it is. Most of these are challenges.

[*] 30 BTVS and related + headers
[*] 10 Miscellaneous actors
[*] 4 VM

I'll be posting another separate Wonderfalls and GA batch later.

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[*]Credit good (to ba4ever because this is a JOINT community)
[*]Comments like crack.
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12 February 2006 @ 04:06 pm
I come bearing two kinds of gifts. One of those gifts would be a batch of icons, the other being me making request icons.

-(10) Dita Von Teese
-(10) Marilyn Manson
-(05) Alyssa Milano
-(05) Edward Norton
-(05) Trent Reznor
-(05) Comedian Quote Icons
-(03) Gerard Butler
-(03) Donnie Darko
-(01) Dita Von Teese Wallpaper

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Reply to this post with your username and I'll make you two interest icons.
12 January 2006 @ 01:40 pm

BtVS Icons, BtVS Quoteys, Firefly Icons, and Firefly Quoteys. 69 in total (yeah, baby).

One big batch of Jossverse Icons...Collapse )
09 January 2006 @ 11:39 pm
Guess it's my turn to post. For the sake of saving ya'll on dial up, and also for the sake of those not interested in non BTVS fandomy stuff, because I've been doing a lot of non lately.

[*] 28 B/A
[*] 21 Buffy/Sarah
[*] 7 Angel/David
[*] 23 Gen BTVS
[*] 2 Headers/2 WP's

God this will kill my bandwidthCollapse )

[*] X-posted like a whore...as always.
[*] Credit is great. (ba4ever because this is a joint community)
[*] Comments are better.
[*] Yes, I'm aware there are two 48's
[*] No hotlinking, because I have a LOT of icons to unload.
[*] Part deux of this batch is here
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04 January 2006 @ 03:12 pm
*Credit thebodyred
*Bases are NOT customizable

-(10) Text Icons (Clone High & Out Cold)
-(09) The Colbert Report
-(02) The Daily Show

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