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Goodbye Lover - ba

Requests filled..

So sorry it took me a week longer than I said. I was half way done and then I took a break, and the inspiration left me. But they're done now. :D

So here ya go. And please remember to credit with my username. :)

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She's Aliiiiiiiive!

So I promised someone I was gonna do a request post soon. I've been in a major icon mood lately, especially making Doctor Who icons cuz that's my latest obsession. Then there's also my regenerating B/A muse.

I'll take requests! yay

Up to 3 icons per person.


Shows I'll icon:
- Doctor Who
- BtVS/AtS (season 1 for Angel preferably) [ships: Buffy/Angel, Willow/Oz, Xander/Cordy, Xander/Anya, Buffy/Owen, Buffy/Xander, Giles/Jenny]
- Wonderfalls
- Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
- X-Files
- Smallville

What I need from you:
Link(s) to (good quality please) caps of your choice. [with DW, if you just know what episode you want then that's fine.]
Any specific text you'd like or if you'd like absolutely no text.
Shareable or Not.

Copy & Paste this handy text area into the comment box. :)

I'll take requests for the first 30 people to comment.

Should have 'em done by Monday or Wednesday (28th), the latest.

I've been making Doctor Who icons all week, so you can expect a post from me soon! Along with B/A icons. yay hehe
Friends that Were

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Previous post h e r e

[x] Buffy/Angel
[x] random Btvs
[x] Wonderfalls! (spoilers up to Crime Dog)
[x] Random cute icons

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icon post from me finally!

It's been forever since I made a big icon post. They pile up and then it becomes one massive post of icons, so I'm splitting the post up. However, you'll notice in the 2nd post that the count does not start from one. That's b/c I just gathered all my icons and number'd 'em all before I decided how I'd go about posting them. I thought I would post them all together, but I thought maybe somebody here is on dial up, so I wanted it to be slightly dial up friendly. :P

Anyway.. on to the icons!

[x] Buffy/Angel
[x] X-Files
[x] Bones


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The follow up icon post h e r e

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Hey :) I'm in icon making mode and I've been iconing some Btvs and Bones, but I don't have anything specific to icon. So all through this week I'll take in requests. And then I'll post 'em along with my own personal batch.

I'll do up to 3 icons per person. If you could provide a link to the cap(s) that'd be great, but if not that's okay.

Also, let me know if there's anything specific you're looking for in your icons (like text).

I'll icon:
BTVS (ships: b/a, w/o, w/x, c/x, anya/xander, b/x)
Angel Season 1
Veronica Mars
any other random actors/actresses.

thank you for requesting! =D I'm almost finished and should have them posted soon.