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13 Wonderfalls Icons

Mostly because Karla keeps bugging me to make em, so I'll just post what I have for now....

I know it's not a ton! But I don't want to just rush a bunch of super terrible icons of this show, it's just too good to plop together!

And I think I might make a post of hot people next; I'm falling into the whole Robert Pattinson thing. Yum.

Also, I wanted to address the whole crediting issue that always seems to creep up. Here are the reasons yours truly asks for credit:

1. If someone likes the icon you're using, that I've made, they will usually ask you who made it. If you're able to tell them, or they go find out themselves, they can get back to my posts, and find others like it. Then they credit, etc etc.

That's right. Just one main reason. I'm not trying to be self-centered, I'm trying to be anything but! So take the extra two seconds to copy and paste my user name ;) And I'll love you forever.

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