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Interest Icons Finished.

These actually took me less time that I expected!

Any sharable icons are first in the group.

drankmywar (all shareable)

(the fifth element, bring it on, btvs)

ba4ever (all sharable)

alternate 1 alternate 2 alternate 3

closemyeyes4eva (all nonshareable)

(melissa joan hart, buffy, smg) ;)

thebodyred (1 sharable)

(family guy, dita von teese, eri on crack)

gryffindorgirl7 (all shareable)

(idina menzel, william moseley, spike)

kally05 (2/3 shareable)

(b/a, soccer, robert pattinson)

taught_to_dream (2/3 shareable)

(buffy, michael ian black, brian kinney)

frontyardninja (2/3 shareable)

(xander, clean forks, peep heart, peep don't heart)

theleapingmuse (all shareable)

(darth vader, harry potter/lotr, buffy)

viciouswishes (all non-shareable)

(inara, db, wesley)

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