trdyfgkjhlk (erithegreat) wrote in _lushkink,


Does anyone know of a place other than Screencap-Paradise for Buffy screencaps? Firefox hates it, and I'm slightly annoyed by the random resizing and minimizing of all of my windows...

ETA: Thanks to Karla ba4ever (I kiss your feet!) for reminding me about the Firefox extension IE Tab. Silly me had it all along but I suppose it takes a superior brain to know to actually use it. If you're having the same problems as I am, I'd suggest downloading that extension; it fixed everything for me :)

Also, I figured I'd pile the links you guys gave me here, just for kicks ;)

thirdhex has caps HERE
Freeze Frame Network
Buffy Network
Leave Me The White

Thanks girls - if you want any icons in return, go ahead and ask. I can do mini movies if you give me a youtube link ;)
Tags: inquiries, resources, screencaps
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