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icons from moi

It's been a while to say the least. My muse is in a coma. She has responded to a few experimental treatments, but they've only worked temporarily. Most of the doctor who icons are from before she went into coma. There is still one more experimental treatment to try. But it may take a while before she responds. LOL Oh and btw, this is blueyedangld21. I changed my username. :p

21 btvs, 18 Battlestar Galactica, 1 random Wonderfalls quote iconCollapse )
Tags: !maker: secretlyevileen, characters: lee (apollo), characters: rose, characters: starbuck (kara), characters: the doctor, pairing: buffy/angel, pairing: kara/lee, television: battlestar galactica, television: buffy the vampire slayer, television: doctor who

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