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FAQ: Everything you would ever need to know about _lushkink

Do I have to credit when I take one of your icons?
Yes. The icon makers here at _lushkink take immense pride in their work so credit is a must.

Who should I credit?
You must always make sure to credit the icon maker from whose post you are taking the icons. This is a joint community so just crediting _lushkink will not be acceptable.

May I alter icons or any other graphics?
Unless specifically told otherwise, you must never alter icons or graphics. If you want something desperately added to an icon, ask the icon maker and they will make it for you.

Is it okay to friend this journal?
Please do! We love to see people taking an interest in our work, but please do not friend our personal journals thinking we post our things there.

Can I put any icons in my journal but not have them as userpictures?
As long as you credit the icon maker somewhere on your journal and save them to your own server.

Do you take requests?
Yes, we most certaintly do. However, we will make posts directing when we want you to make a request. DO NOT spam our normal posts with requests. They will be ignored.

Can you help me with my layout or overrides?
No. If you need help with a layout or overrides, please see everything_lj or some other journal/community of that nature.

Do you do tutorials?
Rarely, but we will honor requests to make them if we are able to. Please do not harass us to make tutorials if we have already expressed disinterest in making them.

May I nominate the icons or graphics?
Of course! We love to see our work appreciated enough to enter them in contests, but please tell us where you are nominating our icons.

May I ask what font you used for a specific icon?
We will be updating with a font guide in the near future, so stick around. Until then, please feel free to ask what font we are using for any icon/graphic.

What program(s) do you use?
Photoshop/Image Ready and Paint Shop Pro/Animation Shop.

Where did you find those images?
Once again, we will be updating with a resource post soon, but until then, just ask where we got any pictures.
- crushd72's resources.
- blueyedangld21's resources.

Can I link back to _lushkink?

Any other questions? Please comment here with any inquiries.
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