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Requests filled..

So sorry it took me a week longer than I said. I was half way done and then I took a break, and the inspiration left me. But they're done now. :D

So here ya go. And please remember to credit with my username. :)

for engravedheart (not shareable)
1 2 3

for hollowinsidex (not shareable)
1 2 3

for cursedfire (not shareable)
1 2 3

for heeroluva (not shareable)
1 2 3

for angelic_nl (not shareable)

Tags: !maker: secretlyevileen, celebrities: david boreanaz, celebrities: sarah michelle gellar, characters: buffy, icons, pairing: buffy/angel, pairing: willow/oz, requests: pickup, television: buffy the vampire slayer

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