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wow besides the fact that shit community is dead. haha i wanna make it work again.. so PROMOTE!!

the next 5 people who apply will get int autmatically since we need people, then after we will really start up with this communtiy..
<3 thankyou

Just wondering...

Is anyone other than Amy in this community even legal? Why do you guys never post in here? Am I to be the only male applicant? What happens if you get my pics and I'm not "luscious" even though you already accepted me?

FUCK! I've been missing rotation the whole time I was typing this!!!

Peace love and bud...OH!, and happiness!
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OKAY, the next 3 people who join this community, are going to be auto- accepted, because we REALLY need people to rate before we start this community out. Thankyou! PROMOTE<33!!

so much appreciation
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Alrightty listen, we have made a decision that from now on, if you dont follow the damn rules you will be banned, so if you dont know where to find those.. go to our info and they are RIGHT there.

Sound good?

We think so<3


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Alright everyone, we are going to have a little lesson on doing LJ cuts.

1. Go to "rich text" mode
2. Once youre in rich text mode, go to the 13th box (from the left) on the top looks like this (...) and click it
3. Write something in the caption.. either application or just whatever you want..
4. A thing that looks something like this asdfCollapse )