March 12th, 2005

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Name - Mz Magdalena Terror Sky
Age - 24 my date of birth is 27th May 1980
Location - Sydney
Do you think you're hot stuff? If so why? I am on fire baby!!!  I like people who have unusual features, something different to the everyday underwear model that we see posted everywhere we look...

If you were a fairy/pirate/cartoon/mythical character of some sort, what would be your name and what would your alter ego be?  I would be some sort of half woman, half moth creature... With the hugest black moth wings, with skulls in them and pretty patterns, moths tend to follow me around everywhere I go, I think they are my little guardian angels, that is why I have a moth tattooed on me...

List at least 10 bands that you think are the s3x.
Marilyn Manson
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Tori Amos
Nin Inch Nails
Dir En Grey
Bug Girl
Mz Ann Thropik

List at least 6 of your top movies.
Ed Wood
Doomed Generation
From Hell
Tipping the Velvet (though I love the book more)
The Bride of Frankenstein's Monster
Dishonoured Lady
The Hours
Prey for Rock n Roll


Pac-man - I love Pac Man !!!

Footsies under the table - Are the cutest thing, Footsies in bed are even cuter when you're curled up with someone and all sleepy (yes i have a foot fetish) 
The Australian stereotype - Scare the bejeeeebusss out of me
Of yourself
 - I know that I am a very strong person, and proud of how far I have come, considering everything I went through in my late teens and first two years of my twenties... If I put my head down, and get determined on something, I will achieve it...
Something you stand by. Explain - I don't believe in drugs... This is my personal opinion... But I don't believe in addictions, I think that life is too beautiful, and if you can't get high from looking at or smelling a rose, (something as simple as that) then that sux.  People who take drugs, every now and then, don't bother me... But I have lived with and dated, drug addicts, and the worst thing is when they start to take their addiction out on you... that's not cool. 
Homosexuality - People have the right to love who ever they want, regardless of what is between their legs. I hate Homophobes
Being against heterosexuals - I hate Hetrophobes, people who are fighting for a right, but then doing the same in reverse, that bugs me!
Originality - Originality comes from within, a comfort within your own shell... Sure we all have influences, there is nothing wrong with that at all, Just don't ever limit yourself to "one subculture" there are so many beautiful and amazing things in our world, why not take a small piece of the ones you like and mush them all up and make your own mashed potato.  yah...

Cause we can

Share something amusing (story/ picture/both)

A quote or lyric that means something to you - "Blood may be thicker than water, but water does not leave a stain"

Promote us in 1 or 2 places, provide links - well you already did on so i will do it in my live journal which is

Post 4+ pictures of your good looking self.

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Name – Banshee
Age – 19
Location – Inside a bubble.
Do you think your hot stuff? If so then why? Yes... i am the hottest of the hot. In the dictionary if you look up hot it'll have a picture of me.

If you were a fairy/pirate/cartoon/mythical character of some sort, what would be your name and what would your alter ego be? banshee in a tutu, with glitter and sparkles and pink and green hair.

List at least 10 bands that you think are the s3x.
-the cure
-the follow
-mz ann thropik
- kill me tomorrow
-mindless self indulgence
-siousxie and the banshees
-le tigre
-skinny puppy
List at least 6 of your top movies.
-the labyrinth
-high fidelity
-requien for a dream
-anchor man

Pac-man – pac-woman IS pac-man with false eyelashes and collagen. It should be called trans pac man
Footsies under the table – first stage of foreplay... just fuck already
The Australian stereotype- there are stereotypes whereever you go, just ignore them if you dont like them and move on
Of yourself – it's other peoples jobs to give opinions of me, not mine
Something you stand by. Explain – My friends. Because your family will be there no matter what, your boyfriend/girlfriend will most probably leave you and break your heart... so your friends are there to cherish and love constantly. people need to appreciate them more.
Homosexuality – I don't care who you fuck.
Being against heterosexuals - Meh, it's annoying and hypocritical... it's jsut as bad as homophobia in a way.. but you shouldn't let it be an issue. People who are 'haters' arent worth your time and energy.
Originality - Umm... it's there? Everyone is an original human being... no one is exactly the same. That's beautiful.

Cause we can
Share something amusing (story/ picture/both)- ITS A WATER PISTOL POW POW Image hosted by
A quote or lyric that means something to you – 'Want' By the Cure... everyone should live their life wanting more... read it. Now.
Promote us in 1 or 2 places, provide links – Don't know how... dont care to.
Post 4+ pictures of your good looking self:

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Plus the 'amusing' one.
let the dream descend

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