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V.4 Lunar Eclipse [1024x768 res]

Icons, Brushes, Textures, Headers

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Icons, Brushes, Textures, Headers
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Welcome to _lunargraphics_!

Mostly 100x100 icons will be featured here. However, I will do brushes, wallpapers, textures, basepacks, and header images from time to time. I am currently still teaching myself and doing tutorials to learn new effects. To me, some of my older stuff is pretty crappy, but I like to look at the differences as I grow and improve with each new set. As they say, practice makes perfect, and with a little practice, everyone can make good icons and graphics. It's really not that hard, it can just be time consuming.

The program I use for my graphics is Adobe Photoshop CS 2. However, brushes are created in PS7 since most people I know have not upgraded to CS 2 yet, and I think it makes things a lot easier to make brushes in PS 7 since more people will be able to use them. CS 2 allows you to load brushes for all previous versions of Photoshop, so that just makes things easier.

NONE of the brushes used, fonts used, or even images used belong to me unless otherwise noted. All I claim ownership of is the finished product. That is ALL. All I ask is that people simply credit me in their keywords. Please see the Resources section for links to my font, brush, and image resources. I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to take credit for their hard work so if you see your fonts, brushes, bases, textures, or images used here and would like them credited, then please contact me and I'll be happy to give you proper credit for your work A.S.A.P.

1. DO NOT steal my work and pass it off as your own! Only losers do that, so don't be one. Srrsly.

2. CREDIT me for icons when you take them. You can credit me for icons in your user pic comments just by typing in '_lunargraphics_' or 'lunar__spawn'. This lets people know where you got the icon and also helps me keep track of who takes my work. It's really nice to get feedback and constructive criticism when you work so hard on these things, but it isn't required.

3. DO NOT hotlink these images under any circumstances. Upload them to your OWN server! I use Photobucket.com. It's free and very easy to use.

4. Feel free to add this community to your friends list by 'watching' it. The only person who is a member of the community is me, lunar__spawn. If you make icons and graphics, and would like to affiliate with me, then go HERE. Just remember that you MUST make icons, brushes, or other graphics--and add me to your affiliates list in order to be added as an affiliate.

5. Good work takes time. Deal with it. I don't update very often at all because making icons and screwing around with Photoshop is not my first priority in life. *gasp* I know, that was an earth shattering confession, but seriously.
Last but not least...enjoy yourselves. I make these graphics for my enjoyment, as well as yours. Furthermore, if you have any constructive criticism to share with me, do so. I'm always open to ideas on how to improve my work. That's just how I roll ;)



VBrush//Misprinted Type//Blistered.org//Inferno Sprite//Digital.Bristle//Evenstar Art//
rebel-heart.net//echoica.net//1greeneye.net//Annika von Holdt.com//Opera Floozy.com//

Dafont//1001 Free Fonts//Misprinted Type//FontFreak


Want to become an affiliate? Comment HERE.

If you wish to affiliate comment and let me know. Feel free to take one of these buttons for your affiliate section. DO NOT HOTLINK! Please upload them to your own server and link back to:


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