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The Lucerin Blue Fan Community

Almost The Happiest Place On Earth. . .

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Welcome to the Lucerin Blue Fan Community.
Where you can talk about anything pertaining
to Lucerin Blue. Feel free to talk freely about
whatever else might interest you. Post pictures
and share concert experiences. Enjoy your stay.

So this is just a good old fashoned Lucerin
Blue Community, that anyone that loves music,
and Lucerin Blue, can join, now i know you all
dont want to hear it, but i have a few, rules.

Rules: now if you knew it or not, lucerin blue is
a christian band, now being a christian myself
i know that with their popularity some fans arent
christian, so im going to have to ask all of you
to keep the language to yourself and please do
not use it in this community. Also, please only
post about Lucerin Blue, Music, or concerns that
you may have, no one wants to hear about your Grandmas
new fur coat. Im sure. And thats pretty much it,
and also if you have any prayers or concers of
that nature we'd be sure to help you through those.

Bio: Musically, Lucerin Blue has fit right into the
post-grunge alternative rock scene of the '90s and
2000s. But lyrically, there is something that separates
the Canadian alterna-rockers from Linkin Park, 3
Doors Down, Default, or Eagle Eye Cherry: Lucerin
Blue is a Christian band. However, the members of
Lucerin Blue don't beat listeners over the head with
their Christian message. Their contemplative lyrics
are spiritual, but not in a preachy, in-your-face
way; one has to scratch beneath the surface and do
some research to learn about the band's religious
beliefs. In fact, the official bio that Tooth & Nail
Records sent out to the media with Lucerin Blue's
Tales of the Knife album in 2003 made no mention of

Originally known as Natural Saint, Lucerin Blue was
formed in Goderich, Ontario, Canada, in 1997. Along
the way, their forceful yet melodic post-grunge has
been influenced by a variety of alterna-rock bands.
The Deftones are a strong influence; so are Pearl
Jam, Live, and the Foo Fighters. Creed is a frequent
comparison, as are Linkin Park and Puddle of Mudd.
Like so many other alternative rockers of the '90s
and 2000s, Lucerin Blue has been influenced by hip-hop;
however, the band isn't a rap-metal act à la Rage
Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit, Korn, or Kid Rock.
When they were still called Natural Saint, the
Canadians provided an album titled Black Pyramid;
by the time they recorded their second album, Tales
of the Knife, in Vancouver, British Columbia, they
had changed their name to Lucerin Blue.

Tales of the Knife was originally released on the
Chordant label in 2002; after that, Lucerin Blue
signed with the Seattle-based Tooth & Nail, which
reissued Tales of the Knife in May 2003. That year,
the band's lineup consisted of Justin Morgan on
lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Nathan Byle on lead
guitar and background vocals, Brad Trott on bass
and background vocals, and Ryan Turner on drums. It
should be noted that Byle lost half of his left
middle finger in a sawing accident when he was 15,
which hasn't prevented him from serving as the band's
lead guitarist.

Official Site: http://www.Lucerinblue.com
My Space: http://www.profile.myspace.com/users/2874843
Pure Volume: http://www.PureVolume.com/LucerinBlue
Record Label: "Tales of the Knife" Released by: Tooth & Nail

Created By: blindman4eva_

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