February 22nd, 2005

the flippin monkey

Hey. . . .


    Im just updating about The Purple Door festival if anyone dosent know what that is its a big fesival in pennslvania in some city i can remember it now, but the word from lucerin blue is that the festival has accepted their demo and they might be there next year, now in order for them to be there they have to have a certin amount of votes now knowing that they will have more than enough votes you might want to check it out and vote for them at www.purpledoor.com, i dont think the site is updated with the new bands yet but im sure it'll be better than last year with pretty much every popular christain band, last year there was about 60 and they play on 3 diffrent stages and they are sceduled for 3 diffrent days so if your gunna make it u gotta get a hotel room close to the place before their all out, and believe me, its crazy. well check it out. thanks

- JJ

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