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Last night i went to the underoath concert which was also featureing the chariot, fear befor the march of flames, and these arms are snakes. Underoath was amazeing and so was these arms are snakes. sadly fear befor the march of flames left much to be desired. oh well. it was still a sick concert.

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Just got home from a Lucerin Blue show in their hometown! It was rockin!

They played 5 songs from their new album. The new songs are sooo good. The new album is gonna be wicked.

Justin elbowed me in the eye and now I have a little bruise. It was awesome haha.
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Bad News. . . . For Some. . . .

Well, Lucerin Blue will not be at purple door this year in PA, for all of you who were planning to see them there. They told me recently that at the time when you were supposed to sign up, and send in your demo. They were changing managers, and they kind of got that messed up because the manager never did it, and by the time they realized that, it was too late to sign up, so i for one will be missing them this year i donno about all the others who were planning to see them. Also their new record will not be appearing on tooth and nail this year, appently T&N did nothing to support lucerin blue, like advertising and such.

Happy April Fools Day!!!!!!!!!

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Check This Out


   Take a look at this. Lucerin Blue dosent qualify because their not in the u.s. and their already signed, but i still thought it was pretty sweet.

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