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i am just lovin your looks!

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IM NEW!!! [Dec. 31st, 2004|07:07 pm]
i am just lovin your looks!
[i am feeling |fullfull]
[getting jiggy with |sarah mclachlan-angel]

1. State your name/Age/State(or Province): Mere, 15, Arizona
2. Whats your All-Time Favorite Band & song by them: Dresden Dolls::Miss Me::
3. Your Top Guilty Obsession (We won't tell..:x): ice cream? :)
4. What is your favorite quote?:" if u fuck me that must mean u love me"
5. Name 2 of your favorite movies. Mean Girls, A beautiful Mind
6. An actor/actress you feel like you could relate to? AMy SMart
7. Sunshine or Rain?: RAIN!!!!
8. What is your opinion on Rating Communities?: they are fun!! no one else will give u the gods honest truth...so why not relly on complete strangers?
9. How do you feel about George Bush leading our country?: go him! :)
10. Recommend us a song to download: miss me: by dresden dolls :-p!!!!
11. A song that describes you and your personality. la la- by ashlee simpson
12. And finally, why do you think you should be accepted at _lovin_ur_looks? cuz i like rating communitys!!! they are NEAT!!

post your pictures now.

me and my bestfriend..im on the bottom :)

..im the girl! haha


[User Picture]From: dani_ox
2005-01-07 02:40 am (UTC)
Heyy, i'm not in this community, so i'll apoligize ahead of time to everyone for posting, but just had to say that i think you're drop dead gorgeous:)!
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[User Picture]From: court_owns_u
2005-07-08 09:40 pm (UTC)



vote and promote, we gotta try to get this community started!
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