Sarah (cuttinmedeep27) wrote in _lovin_ur_looks,


1. State your name/Age/State(or Province): Sa (Sarah), 17, Massachusetts
2. Whats your All-Time Favorite Band & song by them: Linkin Park "Numb" and Papa Roach "Walking Thru Barbed Wire"
3. Your Top Guilty Obsession (We won't tell..:x): I still sleep with my blankie
4. What is your favorite quote?: Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.
--Carl Jung
5. Name 2 of your favorite movies. Sherk & Collatoral (new fave)
6. An actor/actress you feel like you could relate to? to be honest, i dont really have a favorite actor or one i relate to. i relate more to characters in movies than to the individual actors themselves
7. Sunshine or Rain?: sun shower, rain (but not the grey misty dreary type)
8. What is your opinion on Rating Communities?: i like the honesty. if you can't take rejection or critisium then they're probably not for you.
9. How do you feel about George Bush leading our country?: i think overall he has done a good job. i agree with most of this ideas, but not all. no one's perfect though.
10. Recommend us a song to download: "gasoline" by enter the haggis (celtic rock) or 'body crumbles' by drycell
11. A song that describes you and your personality. no songs come to mind except my two favorite ones (read above) and they describe my feelings more then personality.. but i guess its kinda the same thing (numb ~ the way ive felt in the last few years till now; walking thru barbed wire ~ relates to a friends death)
12. And finally, why do you think you should be accepted at _lovin_ur_looks? because people here seem down to earth and cool. even though i'm shy when it comes to people, i'm outspoken when it comes to promoting an organization or idea.

Pics (only a few now because i'm not on my computer, sorry they're soo suckie)

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