APPLICATION 1. State your name/Age/State(or Province): Juliet/17/Connecticut/greenwich

2. Whats your All-Time Favorite Band & song by them: Something Corporate- Me and the Moon

 3. Your Top Guilty Obsession (We won't tell..:x): Fooling around with boyss (shhh...)

4. What is your favorite quote?:"So you say the present is just a pleasant interuption to the past."

5. Name 2 of your favorite movies.Bring it On, Practical Magic

6. An actor/actress you feel like you could relate to? Audrey Hepburn

7. Sunshine or Rain?: SUNSHINE ALL THE WAYY...summer 04 is missed :-(

8. What is your opinion on Rating Communities?: eh, they're ok.

9. How do you feel about George Bush leading our country?: booooooo!

 10. Recommend us a song to download: Me and the Moon- Something Corporate

11. A song that describes you and your personality. Barbie Girl- Aqua

12. And finally, why do you think you should be accepted at _lovin_ur_looks? I think that i have a nice face and that i can help referr more people! post your pictures now.

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