Okay, since this community is basically dead I figured I'd start over and try again. You are all welcome to join my new community it's called beyond_sexy so check it out.


If anyone would like to take over the community, comment and tell me or do you all think I should delete it?

<3 your MOD,

fun in the sun

Saturday i leave for vacation,
but i also am going to be in and out
of my house for the next 5 days before
so i wont be active until i return next
saturday! cya when i return!

<3Lauren Ashley

*MOD STAMPED*Summer Camp photos*

Hey everyone! I missed you all so much. Ohio/Michigan was alot of fun and camp was amazing. I'm sad to say I'm leaving again until Sunday. I get to visit my grandparents in South Carolina. Oh joy. But for now, I leave you with thisCollapse )

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Hey kids,
im leaving bright and early monday morning for BAND CAMP. (they should call it slave labor camp...)
so i will be inactive til next saturday or sunday. it all depends on how tired i am on saturday when i get back.
so please miss the hell outta me and ill make sure to post a TON of crappy, sweaty pictures of me when i return
(i would post this tomorrow but i want to procrastinate packing as long as possible)

Xo. Angela

p.s. because text only blowsss....

i guess it would be nice, if i could touch your body....Collapse )