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Ahh well this past Sunday I got to do my very first suspension. A 4pt suicide with the suspension group Well Hung from Pasadena, California.

It was really a great experiance... I wasn't really 100% sure if I was going to be able to do it, because of surgery & all but it all worked out okay.
They were doing 3 people at one time.. I was in the first group of 3. It was me, an other guy doing a 4pt suicide, & a guy doing a coma. Neither of them had suspended before either.
ANYWAY, I was the first person off the ground, as well as the last person to come down. I was up for about 10 min I was super proud of myself.

Honestly I can say the only painful part, was right before I got off the ground.. there was the point that I was putting all my weight into the hooks, but I wasn't off the ground just yet. Right when I got there, John who was piercing/assisting came up & was like hunny this is the most pain you will feel so just do what you need to do. So I told them to pull me up.

And really I think the fact that I knew, pretty much everyone who was working everything & piercing made me a lot more eased at mind.

So yeah, that was my whole little rant. Here are some pictures taken by Erica.

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[me] zombie drawing

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Alright, I've posted these in my journal, & in the BMEzine community. So I thought I'd post it in my usual communities.
This is my new tattoo machine gun scarification. It was only supposed to take about an hour to do, but it ended up taking (this is including marking me, blowing 2 fuses in the power source, & going through 3 machines) from about 10:20pm - 2am.
Yes it hurt. Yes it looks painful. Yes there are NUDES. So please becareful while viewing these. I did warn you in advance.

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It's been nice, I've gotten a lot of comments like; "Why would you do that to yourself, I don't understand." or "Hilda you need to stop this, you're making yourself ugly."
[me] zombie drawing


today i went out & got my navel pierced at a 4g whoo!!! brett perkins (solja) at anomaly in pasadena, ca did it with a 5g needle (cause the jewelry was a little under a 4g) bevel up from the inside out, then tapered it open to a 4g & slide the jewelry in. yes it hurt a LOT because it was tough to get that big of a needle through but it felt a lot better once the jewelry was in.
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edit: it looks a little off, and shallow because of the angle of the picture as well as the fact that this is a brand new picture so it's pretty swollen.