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Name; Malachy Doherty
nearly 19
Reading area, Pa

Basic Body Mod Info
# of piercings and what they are;
I have 3 piercings, I have both lobes pierced stretched and long since empty I don’t wear anything in them any more they stay at about a 00, I have a labret piercing stretched to 7/8”
# of tattoos and what they are;
I have only one tattoo yet, it’s an IRA tattoo don’t judge me for it my grandfather was in the IRA and it means more to me then I care to explain.
# of other mods and what they are;
I have a subinsision, genital scarification, bodly scarification, tongue splitting, and soon 4 extracted teeth to ease stretching my labret.
Your favorite Body Mods;
my favorite body mod… my favorite is scarification and experimental surgical modification. I plan to get some skin grafting done but that’s a procedure idea of my own and id not care to go into much detail till I have worked it out with someone.
Name one piercing you'd never get;
hmm never is a long time. Maybe the eyelid pierced. Just don’t think it looks right and don’t think it would feel right and the healing… fuck that
What body mods do you plan on getting in the future;
well in the near future I plan on extending my sub and my tongue splitting, starting a scarification on my chest with Howie, and looking into skin grafting with him a bit
At what age did you first get a body mod & what was it;
starting piercing and modifying myself early around 15 that’s where I learned everything doing work on myself. Mostly piercings but around 17 I started doing fleshpullings and scarifications.
Tell me why you got each of your body mods.;
 well the tattoo is the most personal realy. Scalpleing my labret was cosmetic, splitting my tongue was cosmetic. Scalpleing my genitals was sexual, so I got the tattoo because ive lost my granddad to cancer and he always talked about the bravery and courage he learned wile he was an “IRA bastard” so that dose mean a lot to me
If you have tattoos, tell me what each one means and why you got it;
uhhh yea….granda remember?

Body Mod Knowledge Questions
How do you feel about underage teens getting piercings?;
I started under age so “judge not lest ye be judged” though I think there is a difference between an under aged getting pierced and an under aged getting tattooed. And starting before it’s a choice of the person(no not child they are people too) is another story entirely.
Would you say you know a lot about body modifications?;
yes I would actually not to sound full of myself but id go as far as saying I know a lot about surgical and experimental body modification.
If so, tell me a random fact about a type of body mod;
titanium pins, bleached coral, a surgical drill and grinder, lots of anesthetic and you can have bone grafting. The bone is ground where you are attaching the graft to promote new growth and formation of blood vessels then the graft is sanded to fit into the new ground area, drilled and secured with titanium pins to keep it together. As the bone heals it is tricked by the coral as coral is the same material as bone and the healing bone acts as if the coral is a broken part of it healing the bone and the coral together and then filling in the coral with blood vessels and more calcium. They will eventually heal together completely and your modification is now permanent.
Someone comes to you asking for advice on a type of piercing they plan on getting. What would you tell them about piercings/aftercare?;
it would depend on the piercing and the proper after care I’ve been in shops before(working) so I know enough to cover the basics. I promote use of seasalt.
Your piercing becomes infected. What are the signs of infection and how do you take care of it?;
infection is common with piercings and for the most part even typical. Most people don’t realize it but that tiny bit of redness no matter how small is infection your best bet to help heal infection is your immune system and most the time it takes care of it. if infection worsens and the red area gets larger seasalt soaking and keeping the wound covored and free from additional infection hazards are easy ways to heal it if the infection becomes too much for the body to handle removing the piercing and a low dose of antibiotics will cure about any surface infection in a few days to a few weeks.
What is the aftercare procedure of a tattoo?;
A&D ointment and keeping it moist and covered with plastic or plastic coated gauze for 12-48 hours to keep out infection and pramote a thin layer of scabbing after that it is kept moist with an A&D ointment for about 2 weeks being allowed to breath more and more after the first week is up.
Your tattoo starts to peel. Is this normal? What do you use on it?;
yes its normal. Between 1 week and 3 weeks tattoo tend to peal a bit as the skin is allowed to dry up the moist skin like scab that formed ontop similar to that of a mild brushburn will peal off it is never to be picked off it should be kept on as long as it will stay on and rinced off with water in the shower. Any stage beond the first month where heavy pealing is found probably means your tattoo is rejecting. Get that shit looked at.

are you serious? If this is a community about modifications not what we look like or what we listen too or how we view life. I’m not filling this out reject me if you like. I think this is totally asinine.
Non-BodyMod Questions
What are your top 5 favorite bands;
What are your top 5 favorite movies;
What are your top 5 favorite tv shows;
Let's say you were given a million dollars, but you only have one day to
live. how would you spend the money and would you donate any?;
Who would you say is your idol and why?;

The Ending
Look back on past applications, which applicant do you think is rad/cool/great? and why?;
i thought the body mod info was rad, I thought the body mod knowlage was great, and I thought the non body mod questions where asinine but I belive ive expressed that already.
Promote in one community and link here; maybe after being accepted.
Are there any shops/piercers you'd like to recommend; I don’t k now of many shops id be willing to put my name around… but as far as artists go the best surgical artist I know of right now is howie 
Post the pictures of your body mods here and include one of your face as well

there is my face, a beer, and my 7/8" labret pin made by karl

thats me in the tree, yes im wearing a skirt, no it didnt hurt it felt amazeing once i got up, thats one of my best friends. he helped get me in that tree.

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