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Tonite the headphones will deliver..

Name = Alayna
Age = 18
Location = Michigan

# of piercings and what they are; 3, lip, brow, ears
# of tattoos and what they are; none yet
# of other mods and what they are; none
Your favorite Body Mods; lip
Name one piercing you'd never get; vagina
What body mods do you plan on getting in the future; belly button, other side of my lip
At what age did you first get a body mod & what was it; 3 ears
Tell me why you got each of your body mods.; ears, wanted it. eyebrow, loved the idea. lip, wanted it forever
If you have tattoos, tell me what each one means and why you got it; --

How do you feel about underage teens getting piercings?; depends on what they want/how old they actually are
Would you say you know a lot about body modifications?; somewhat
If so, tell me a random fact about a type of body mod; usually you should always wait at least 60 seconds for you're skin to be disinfected with iodine before being marked with the marker, pathogens can get in the piercing if this doesnt happen
Someone comes to you asking for advice on a type of piercing they plan on getting. What would you tell them about piercings/aftercare?; keep it as clean as possible, don't take any risks
Your piercing becomes infected. What are the signs of infection and how do you take care of it?;  sometimes, it might look like a cold sore [oral piercings] or become extremely red and irritated.
What is the aftercare procedure of a tattoo?; lots of a & d ointment, not to thick though no swimming
Your tattoo starts to peel. Is this normal? What do you use on it?; a & d, sometimes it happens to peel depending on you're skin type.

What are your top 5 favorite bands; HIM, AFI, CKY, Plot to blow up the eiffel tower, big business
What are your top 5 favorite movies; deuce bigalow, house of 1000 corpses, children of the corn, halloween, and IT
What are your top 5 favorite tv shows; laguna beach, aqua teen hunger force, viva la bam, reno 911, chapelles show
Let's say you were given a million dollars, but you only have one day to
live. how would you spend the money and would you donate any?; i would do everything that i ever wanted, but didnt have the money to do, of course i would donate it, especially if i'm going to die the next day
Who would you say is your idol and why?; not really sure...

Look back on past applications, which applicant do you think is rad/cool/great? and why?; i agree a lot with heruserinfo</b></a>keroscene_525
Promote in one community and link here;
Are there any shops/piercers you'd like to recommend; this guy that looks like steve - o [from jackass] Tatman. He does the best work.




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