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Name:: Maria
Age:: 16
Location:: Michigan

Basic Body Mod Info

# of piercings and what they are:: ears 4x. nose 1x. (more comming soon)
# of tattoos and what they are:: 1, its a D for my grandparents that past... its not totally finished yet.
# of other mods and what they are:: 0.
Your favorite Body Mods:: well right now i dont have many but my favs that im going to be getting are, a vertical labret, septum and bridge(peircings) and im getting a new tattoo soon
Name one piercing you'd never get:: nipples ( i want to breast feed my children when i have them )
What body mods do you plan on getting in the future::
+ Vertical Labret
+ Septum
+ Bridge
+ Lip (possibly)
+ More in Ears
+ im getting like 3 more tats as of now, (2 swallows, and a skull with wings and red roses)
+ Maybe more...

At what age did you first get a body mod & what was it::
10 my ears.
Tell me why you got each of your body mods.::
+ Ears many times, i like getting peircings of any kinds and i was only allowed to get my ears for a while.
+ "D" tattoo, in remberance of my grandparents
+ Nose ring- i thought it suited me and i convinced my mother.

If you have tattoos, tell me what each one means and why you got it:: see above.

Body Mod Knowledge Questions

How do you feel about underage teens getting piercings?:: it depends how mature they are, and how and who they get it done by.
Would you say you know a lot about body modifications?:: a little bit.
If so, tell me a random fact about a type of body mod::
Facial peircings= I highly recomend a salt soak. *Mild sea salt soaks are highly recomended once a day to accelerate healing and increase confort.
Someone comes to you asking for advice on a type of piercing they plan on getting. What would you tell them about piercings/aftercare?:: that its very important to fallow your aftercare guidelines and to call your peircer if you have any questions.
Your piercing becomes infected. What are the signs of infection and how do you take care of it?:: usually it will form a lump(kuliod) on it, or become swollen, puss or become red. i would suggest you clean it more freaquntly and treat it like a new peircing, avoid contact with it.
What is the aftercare procedure of a tattoo?:: usually you only keep the gauze on for an hour or so to avoid the ink to be absorbed. you would use a and d ointment and basically let it heal. dont scratch! if it itches slap it.
Your tattoo starts to peel. Is this normal? What do you use on it?::  i dont think so and i would think A&D ointment.
Non-BodyMod Questions What are your top 5 favorite bands::
1) Marilyn Manson
2) Cradle of Filth
3) Lamb of God
4) HIM
5) Avenged 7 Fold.

What are your top 5 favorite movies::
1) May
2) Nightmare on Elm Street
3) Ghost World
4) Labryinth(sp error)
5) Rocky Horror Picture Show

What are your top 5 favorite tv shows::
1) Inuyasha
2) Miami Ink
3) Aqua Teen Hunger Force
4) Family Guy
5) Futurama

Let's say you were given a million dollars, but you only have one day to live. how would you spend the money and would you donate any?:: id give a little to all my family and friends, as well as donate to an art school...

Who would you say is your idol and why?:: Marilyn Manson, hes not afraid to be different!
The Ending Look back on past applications, which applicant do you think is rad/cool/great? and why?::
Promote in one community and link here:: im not in communitys that allow that, and im only in a couple.
Are there any shops/piercers you'd like to recommend:: my peircer but he's located in michigan. if you live in michigan feel free to ask for his info.
Post the pictures of your body mods here and include one of your face as well.

[x] Nose Stud [x]

[x] 4 G in one of my holes [x]

none of my tatoo...

heres my face....

[x] kind of blurry [x]

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