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Name; Erin
Age; 19
Location; Pittsburgh, though home is Long Island

Basic Body Mod Info
# of piercings and what they are; 11 (12, if you count an industrial as two seperate holes) 12 gauge industrial, two 00s and two 14s in ears, 8 gauge tongue, monroe, septum, nipples, belly button
# of tattoos and what they are; 6. stargazer lillies on opposite shouler blades, glassjaw lyrics on upper back, buddha on right calf, glassjaw symbol on left ankle, fairy on lower back
# of other mods and what they are; unless you count the scar on my finger from almost blowing it off with a roman candle, none yet.
Your favorite Body Mods; i've always wanted a corset, but could never afford it. so i'd have to say that.
Name one piercing you'd never get; i'm very open minded, and will try anything once.
What body mods do you plan on getting in the future; corset, sternum, nape collarbones, vch, more tattoos
At what age did you first get a body mod & what was it; 14, and my tongue.
Tell me why you got each of your body mods.; i'd always thought the tongue piercing was neat, no one i knew at the age of 14 had an industrial, and i thought it was a spectacularly gorgeous piercing, nipples for uh, personal reasons, septum and monroe because, hey, they look cool. and belly button because i'm a bigger girl, and i was proving that bigger girls could look sexy with a belly button ring, too.
If you have tattoos, tell me what each one means and why you got it; stargazer lillies because they are my favorite flower (they have a modern erin twist, though), glassjaw lyrics for personal meaning - i got made fun of a lot. read the lyrics, you'll understand, buddha was spur of the moment, the second glassjaw tattoo was for daryl, the lead singer, since he's in a tough spot from being sick, and my fairy was my first tattoo, since they were always my childhood favorite.

Body Mod Knowledge Questions
How do you feel about underage teens getting piercings?; I got my first *real* piercing at 14, but started gauging my ears when I was 13. I feel if you are responsible to take care of it, have a professional doing it, and know the consequences if you don't follow those things, than i believe piercings are ok for youngsters.
Would you say you know a lot about body modifications?; i know a fair amount. i pretty much live at my tattoo shop, so i pick up little things here and there.
If so, tell me a random fact about a type of body mod; to properly clean piercing and tattoo equipment, it's best to use an autoclave, which uses extreme heat and pressure to completely and properly remove germs. (i know that's lame, and everyone knows that, but it's all i can think of right this moment)
Someone comes to you asking for advice on a type of piercing they plan on getting. What would you tell them about piercings/aftercare?; first of all, before getting ANY piercing, you should evaluate the time it takes to properly take care of it, and the risks involved. if you're comfortable with that, make sure you buy the proper cleaning supplies to do so. clean it often, but don't over do it. pain, also, for me, is all in the mind. the anticipation is the worst part.
Your piercing becomes infected. What are the signs of infection and how do you take care of it?; fortunately, i've never had a problem, however, i know pussing, irritation, and swelling after the normal healing time is always a bad sign. clean clean clean and if that doesn't work, PLEASE! take it out. no one likes to look at gooey piercings. especially on your face.
What is the aftercare procedure of a tattoo?; washing with antibacterial soap an hour or two after tattoo is first done, then use either an unscented, alcohol free lotion or a&d for the first few days, then just white lotion after that. wash with soap and water well before new application of lotion.
Your tattoo starts to peel. Is this normal? What do you use on it?; yes, and i keep using what i was in the first place; lotion or a&d. and no picking!

Non-BodyMod Questions
What are your top 5 favorite bands; glassjaw, godspeed you black emperor, reggie and the full effect, streetlight manifesto, black dahlia murder
What are your top 5 favorite movies; requiem for a dream, pi, ten things i hate about you, inventing the abbotts, a mighty wind
What are your top 5 favorite tv shows; nip/tuck, carnivale, gilmore girls, popular (when it was on) and csi
Let's say you were given a million dollars, but you only have one day to
live. how would you spend the money and would you donate any?;
donate half to suicide prevention for teens .. kind of like the take action tour does ... and with the other half, i'd travel until i couldn't travel anymore.
Who would you say is your idol and why?; i have two: daryl from glassjaw, for being in three bands at once, all completely different from each other, and continuing to do what he loves despite being incredibly sick and constantly in the hospital; and my best friend jared who passed away. he made everyone happy even when he was at his worst, no matter what.

The Ending
Look back on past applications, which applicant do you think is rad/cool/great? and why?; ghettobootae because (and this is lame) she's in my other body mod community, and i found this place because of her.
Promote in one community and link here; my lj
Are there any shops/piercers you'd like to recommend; tattoo you II, southside, pgh as keith the piercer, and j-sin, my artist has recently moved. i'm not sure of his new shop location.
Post the pictures of your body mods here and include one of your face as well.

sorry the pictures are huge!

glassjaw lyrics + stargazer lillies

crappy picture of other glassjaw tattoo

monroe, septum, can kinda see the industrial and gauges

obnoxious picture of tongue, and my right ear

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
better picture of industrial and gauges.

sorry i don't have pictures of buddha or my fairy, but i can't find them.
thanks for looking!

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