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Its that time... summer time.. well, close enough anyway..

As some of you know i am apprenticing at Way Cool Tattoos in Oakville. This means anyone who wants low cost piercings knows where to go, right?

Im primarily interested in practicing navels, nostrils, lips, ears, nipples and tongues.
So if you want any of those, come on down. prices range from $20-$30.

Ask for Tim... thats me.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! lets do this!
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The Application-
Name: Kat V
Age; 20
Location: Plattsburgh NY

# of piercings and what they are; three...but I am planning on getting at least five more.
# of tattoos and what they are: One technically. I have a set of wings on my back that are about 10 inches long by 4 inches wide.
# of other mods and what they are: not yet
Your favorite Body Mods: My tat
Name one piercing you'd never get: Tongue...because I have a pet peeve about that.
What body mods do you plan on getting in the future: more tats, I'm designing a few now and more ear piercings. I'm a nursing student so I can't get too many piercings.
At what age did you first get a body mod & what was it: Six first ear piercing
How do you feel about underage teens getting piercings: Older than 16 for some things and over 18 for the rest because some ppl will get stuff to piss off their rents or on a dare and regret it later.

What are your top 5 favorite bands; Aerosmith (a bit light I know), system of a down, a bunch of others.
What are your top 5 favorite movies: ghostbusters, ace ventura, fight club, 10th kingdom, 6th sense.
What are your top 5 favorite tv shows: family guy, the oblongs, invader zim, House, and any type of med shows on TLC.

Are there any shops/piercers you'd like to recommend: Uncle Bill's in Plattsburgh
Post the pictures of your body mods here and include one of your face as well. Those will be coming soon. Sorry.