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and i want so bad to be with you,
to see you,
and to know you're there.

we wouldn't talk much about this situation.
we'd poke fun.
talk about work a lot.
and then you'd leave.
and then i'd leave.
and there i would be. dieing.

I know you think it's over.
I know you think it's done.
I haven't stopped though.
I need you to know... It kills me.
knowing I can't have you.
knowing you don't want me.
knowing that i'm alone.
that i'm lost.
that, without you, i'm meaningless.

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"I didn't feel like reading that night, so I went downstairs and watched a half-hour-long commercial that advertised an exercise machine. They kept flashing a 1-800 number, so I called it. the women who picked up the other end of the phone was named Michelle. And i told Michelle that I was a kid and did not need an exercise machine, but I hoped she was having a good night.
That's when Michelle hung up on me, And I didn't mind a bit."
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I've given a lot of thought to the nights we used to share..

Hey guys. This is my application so far. HELP!!!!!
I have no idea what else to put in it. it needs to have more.
Comment with ideas!!
I hope the layout is going good Brian.
And I still love you even though you wouldn't tell me why marching band will be different next year.

Should we even have an applicaion?


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