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_lovely icon`z*

_lovely icon`z*

_lovely iconz*
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All Members , Moderated

This is a community for LJ icons, bases, friends only signs,
headers, and other graphics that can be used for LJ only.
Please read all the rules before joining.


1_ You Must comment when taking an icon
2_ Do not claim graphics as your own
3_ No editing of any graphics
4_ No stealing icons without crediting
5_ You may poist 2 teaser`s but all other icon`s must be placed behind a LJ cut
6_ All other Graphics mut be placed behind a LJ cut
7_ Dont request constantley - be respectful to other people
8_ All graphics are for LJ ONLY
9_ Dont get mad if ur request doesnt get done in the first day
10_ Do not Discriminate aginst anyone`s icons/grpahocs ect. or u will be BANNED
11_ No more than 2 request`s a week

if we find otu that you are stealing graphics + claming them as your own u will be BANNED