layout request!

hey im new to the community but i was wondering if someone would be able to help me with a new layout or change mine for me

i was thinking like a tropical beach picture, then the words written in a pretty cursive "wish you were here." sorta at the bottom right??

if that is at all possible i would be forever thankful - i have no clue how to do all this stuff

aim : lilsouthrnchk373 <-- im me if you can help in any way!

thanks ♥


Hi I'm new to this community and I was just wondering if any one could make me a background for my lj. I want a huge picture of ashlee simpson, and I would also like the background to be a dark color, and the words to be white. I would like it to say

Just like an angel, you're gonna make me fly
Into your arms, you're wrapping me up so tight

So dont make me cry
Cuz this love dont feel so right
You cant push a river
You cant make me fall
But you can make me unreachable

Sometimes love is addiction
Sometimes it hurts like hell
And sometimes you just cannot get enough
You can't make me love you,
Any more than i do
But you can make me unreachable

If possible, that is my request!! You can choose any kind of text, any colors (except the words) and just make sure that the background is dark colors. Thanks a million and I would be soo thankful. And could someone tell me how to put pictures under an lj cut?!?!? Heh. Sorry I'm new to all this lj cut stuff!! Again... thanks!!

<333 Shannon
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hi im kinda new to this community......and im sorry that i dont have any icons but for my 1st entry i decided to introduce myself to 14 and i live in cali...and i think thats it otay well BYE!!
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anyone + everyone

would anyone like to help me make my journal friends only?
i need to do it AsAp soo these stalkers will stop reading about my life..

it would be most appreciated and i will love you forever!

aim : princessb720
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