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Generator Tutorial pt 2.

By adding a few simple codes and editing some of the ones you currently have, you can make your generator layout look like this.

1. If you haven't used this tutorial, please use it now & return to this page.

2. Open microsoft word or a program like it.

3. Copy your current coding & paste it into the program.

4. Review the below codes & you'd like to use them paste them @ the bottom of your current coding.

5. I have also included a reminder of how to edit the border size, space between entries & how to get text above the links.


Date & Time

Here is the coding to change the way your date & time appear on your entries.

<span style="font-size: 30pt; color: #0000FF; font-family: Georgia; line-height: 0.5em;">%%daylong%%</span><br>
<span style="font-size: 10pt; color: #000000; font-family: Verdana; line-height: 0.1em;">%%monlong%% %%dth%%, %%yyyy%% at %%12h%%:%%min%%%%ampm%%</span>

In order of highlighted text starting from "30pt" to "ampm":

1. This is the size of the day (example "Monday") which appears behind the actual date ("1-2-05"). You can make this larger or smaller, than the actual date. It usually looks better larger, between 20-30pt.

2. This is the font color of the day text.

3. This is the font of the day text.

4. This is the spacing or line height between the day text and the text of the actual day.

5. This is the size of the actual day text.

6. This is the font color of the actual day text.

7. This is the font of the actual day text.

8. Once again, it's line height.

9. This means "month long", which means it will appear as "March" rather than "03". If you prefer "03" simply replace it with "mm".

10. This means "day"

11. This means year.

12. This is just text, you can take this out or replace it with another divider such as "l".

13-16. This is the time, it will appear as 4:12 pm or 4:12  am, depending on the time. You can replace ":" with whatever you'd like, if you'd like to.


To edit the border size of the entries click "ctrl" & "f" @ the same time and look for this:

border: 1px solid #

If that doesn't appear, look for it yourself, it's in the coding. The size of the border for the current layout (with Jennifer Lopez) is 4pt.


To edit the space between the entry boxes look for this:

body, td, font, div, p {
font-family: "Trebuchet MS";
text-transform: none;
line-height: 11px;
margin: 2px;

And change the number before the "px" next to "margin".


To add text in that very first box on your layout, where you have your links, first locate that section in your coding. You can add text a few ways.

1. You can remove all links and simply add a paragraph of text.

2. Keep your links & add a paragraph right above the links (as seen in the jennifer lopez layout)

3. Mix your links within the paragraph.

If you reread how to make links in the tutorial linked above, you should understand how to do 1-3.

And to remove your user name from that very first box, simply go to edit user info, and instead of text in that "name" box, just hit your space key a few times & nothing will appear.


If you have any questions feel free to comment with them and if you use this tutorial please let me know, it motivates me to continue posting them.

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