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Live to Love and Love to Live

Love is Hope. Love is Faith. Love is Life.
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just a community i felt like starting, because i can. with help i'm hoping to turn it into a place where people can come to find inspiration, love, courage, understanding, hope, and faith, instead of the negativity you will find in most journals. if you find an interesting email, an inspirational poem or story, or just feel like sharing a good experience, post it! don't be afraid to put anything about any kind of religion, either; we'll love you just the same. just be yourself at your best!!!!! <333333333333333

hello, this is your luverly co-mod here! WOO! i'm having fun with this! i hope you guys all love the community because it ish awesome! ♥


1. respect everyone's opinions and beliefs
2. no spaming with promotions...pomotions are fine just not too many
3. please try and keep everything positive...that is, after all, what this community is all about, right?
4. intro posts with pics and such are fine...some communities discourage them but this community is all about coming together and love and stuff so intro posts and stuff are fine
5. stay as active as you can...we don't want the community dying on us
6. have fun

here's the banners to promote:

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Life is Love

mod/founder: wolfdragonqueen
co-mod: hollow_child

credit for the layout, icons, and banners goes to hollow_child