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_lovehateicons_'s Journal

_L o v e H a t e I c o n s_
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Moderator: dantheorangeman
sex: male

A tad bit about the community
Hi, My name is Dan. I used to be the head mod at the community 1989_layouts. That community is still up but I won't be updating it anymore. I decided to make this new icon community!! yay! Hope you enjoy the icons! Comment and Credit!

To Credit:
To credit just either put _lovehateicons_ made my icon or save one of the image crediting pics and upload to your own server! NO HOTLINKING! and place the pic in your own info.

1. Comment when taking
2. Credit
4. Feel free to take any icons, but again credit

If you have a question e-mail me at Orangeboi89@aol.com

If you have a question about layouts go to the community __ask



Graphics to credit:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
311, a static lullaby, abbott hayes, acceptance, adam pascal, alkaline trio, allister, amazing race, american idol, anberlin, ashlee simpson, assassins, banners, bethany joy lenz, blends, blindside, blink 182, brand new, broadway, callow, cary shields, chatting, christian bale, codes, coffee, coldplay, colin farrell, colin hanlon, count the stars, cranston, daniel radcliffe, dashboard confessional, david anders, denver harbor, dirty rotten scoundrels, don't look down, driving, driving minivans, dropkick murphy's, dvds, everything, fall out boy, family guy, fenix tx, finch, finding westerly, florida, foo fighters, friends, further seems forever, garden state, gavin creel, girls, good charlotte, graphics, green day, happiness, harry potter, hating myself, hawthorne hieghts, hayden christensen, high fidelity, himym, house, icons, idina menzel, inmemory, jc chasez, jennifer garner, jimmy fallon, jimmy neutron, john cusack, kelly clarkson, kill bill, layouts, less than jake, liberals, lindsay lohan, livejournal, lost, matchbook romance, matt caplan, matthew, mfc, michael phelps, michelle branch, movies, music, musical theater, musicals, mxpx, my chemical romance, my classical guitar, neil patrick harris, new found glory, new york city, newsies, norbert leo butz, oc, one tree hill, over it, paris hilton, patrick wilson, phantom of the opera, playing the guitar, power rangers, pure acoustics, r/hr, raul esparza, reading, relient k, rent, riding bikes, robert-pattinson's-seedy-opium-den-of-doom, rooney, rufio, rupert grint, rx bandits, saturday night live, scrubs, simple life, simple plan, singing, sleeping, spamalot, star wars, story of the year, straylight run, sugarcult, summernights, sunrises, sunsets, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the o.c., the used, the wreckers, theatre, traveling, tyler hilton, unwritten law, your mom acting