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6 updates for 5/11/2006: Meeting, 5pm, Wednesday, May 17th, 2006; Worldwide teleconference and More!

Dear friends,

Across many nations people are preparing for the 2006 A World Beyond
Capitalism (AWBC) Conference! After over a year of preparations,
fundraisers, monthly public meetings and international multicultural
outreach… The conference begins in less than 120 days! The conference
will take place from August 26th through August 28th, 2006 in Milo
McIver Park (40 minutes from Portland, Oregon) and camping, workshops,
exhibition space, festivals, childcare and all meals are completely free
of charge!

Here are a few of the cities and towns which have upcoming events to
help plan for the AWBC 2006:

#1. Portland, Oregon: AWBC Event: Food, Fun and AWBC Volunteer Planning
Time and Date: 5pm-7pm, Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Location: in the Community Room of Peoples Co-op, 3029 SE 21st St.,
Portland, OR 97202 or call (503) 727-2622, ext. 1 for info on the
recorded greeting. Or go to the AWBC website and click ‘volunteer.’
Free vegan refreshments!

Come and enjoy excellent music, fun, food, friends and the feeling of
working for worldwide peace and multiracial equality as a part of this
awesome Volunteer event! Even better, don’t wait until the meeting!
Visit our website, click “volunteer” and then print out some of our
flyers and post them around your home, office, activist group or
library! You can make a difference! Solidarity!


#2. From Paia, Hawaii! Among the many other workshops, speakers and
performers that have just recently added to our ever-growing list of
participants is: Felicity Artemis [Paia, Hawaii]
(photo available on participants page of AWBC website)

Workshop Title: INDECENT EXPOSURE, A Performance Piece.
Performance artist Felicity Artemis, known for her outrageous onstage
antics, bares all to expose the true nature of decency, humanity and
personal accountability in a world that is dying for change. She is a
sovereign entity, and has been performing revolutionary theater in the
form of one-woman shows for 7 years. Her work is a performance piece
that educates and inspires personal accountibility for American citizens
that claim to be in opposition to our government’s imperialist
atrocities and unethical foreign policy, but are bought-in practically
to the lifestyle this affords them. She has the gift of synthesizing
complex issues into a cognitively accessible form and calling people to
their integrity in a way that is gentle yet empassioned. Through poetry,
storytelling and interactive surprises, she brings the audience to a
“12-Step style recovery program for recovering consumerists,” those who
acknowledge the discrepancy between their values and their actions and
want to reconcile them. Her work has been described in such a way:
“Felicity's blend of poetry, humor, and lust is an in-your-face
embodiment of the truth that heals.” Workshop schedule:
Festival/performance , Sunday, August 27th, 2006 - 8:00pm - 9pm.


#3. Portland, MAINE: A Caravan of several cars and buses will be
traveling from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon picking up people
from all states in between! We are asking activists to work in
solidarity with the multi-racial alliance building goals of the AWBC and
to provide transportation to people living in Native American
reservations, Canada and Mexican border towns and other marginalized
areas of the USA and North America in order to join the caravan! The
Caravan trip is an excellent opportunity for networking and creating
worldwide alliances! Some people may even enjoy the Caravan ride more
than the conference! The AWBC will work endlessly to include the voices
of people typically left behind! We greatly welcome people of all
races, ethnic groups and marginalized groups.


#4. Mexico: A group of Peace Pilgrims traveling through Mexico, from
the Phillipines will engage in a multicultural performance during the
evening of August 27th at the Conference! They have traveled from
across the planet to bring you this performance and we hope that you
will not miss it!


#5. Olympia, Washington: A World Beyond Capitalism Conference Volunteer
Meet-Up and Planning Meeting

Come and enjoy free vegan refreshments, friends and the feeling of
working for worldwide peace and multiracial equality as a part of this
wonderful volunteer meeting! This meeting is suitable for the entire
family. We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups and
marginalized groups. For details go to www.aworldbeyondcapitalism.org or
www.CommonUnityPeaceConference.org and click on ‘Worldwide Meetings’ or
call the AWBC Nationwide infoline at (310) 285-3222 and leave a message.

Time and Date:
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Location: For time, date, location and details call our Nationwide
infoline at (310) 285-3222 and leave a message! All are welcome /

Solidarity for a better world!

#6. International, In EVERY STATE WORLDWIDE: A World Beyond Capitalism
Conference International Teleconference Planning Meeting

We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups and marginalized
groups to join us on May 13th for our teleconference meeting. For more
details click on “worldwide meetings” after going to
www.aworldbeyondcapitalism.org or www.CommonUnityPeaceConference.org.

Time and Date:
12noon, Pacific Standard Time (West Coast USA) on Saturday, May 13th,
3pm, Eastern Standard Time (East Coast USA) on Saturday, May 13th, 2006

All are welcome/Bienvenidos.

Love for the people,

A World Beyond Capitalism Team

A World Beyond Capitalism 2006 Conference
The Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference
The Common Unity Peace Conference

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Main Home Page: http://www.CommonUnityPeaceConference.org

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