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No Bosses, No Borders..............................Recap and Photos of Actions Against the Minutemen 
4th-Nov-2005 03:31 am
Recap and Photos of ...

Excerpt from AWK at Indybay......: "On the morning of Saturday, October 29, the armed, racist, anti-immigrant vigilantes of the Minuteman Project held a rally on the steps of the state capitol in Sacramento. They were there to cap off their month-long failure of a patrol along the border and to gather signatures for the California Border Police initiative. The initiative would create 2,000-3,000 paid positions for Minutemen in kop's clothing to harass immigrant workers statewide.

"With too many vigilantes already sitting inside the capitol, the idea of even more gathering there didn't sit well with lots of people. From 10am onward, more than 600 folks gathered to protest, speak out against, disrupt and in general confront the Minutemen, the initiative, and politicians backing both of them. The actions also took a firm stand against borders and capitalism.  See more photos and read more here or here or here."

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