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Intelligent Design

I'm extremely frustrated by the current debate in the US over intelligent design. I just read another article about "Some parents suing the school board [in Pennsylvania], saying that intelligent design is a religious belief and should not be taught, because it violates the United States constitutional separation of church and state."

That is one reason why it shouldn't be taught. But shouldn't religion , not just ONE religion, but shouldn't children learn about the different religions in school? if you don't teach them about different religions and different cultures then they only see the narrow-minded teachings of their parents.

So, I am not opposed to the teaching of intelligent design.

BUT I am opposed to teaching intelligent design in science class. People, listen up. The word 'theory' basically means idea or explanation. Therefore it could be said that astrology is a theory of how personalities and events happen. It is a theory that George W Bush is a monkey. It is a theory that the CIA orchestrated 9/11. But these are not SCIENTIFIC THEORIES.

A scientific theory is a special kind of theory. It is a theory that is developed using the scientific method.

A nice summary of the scientific method (flow chart)

  • 1. Observe some aspect of the universe.

  • 2. Invent a tentative description, called a hypothesis,
    that is consistent with what you have observed.

  • 3. Use the hypothesis to make predictions.

  • 4. Test those predictions by experiments or further
    observations and modify the hypothesis in the light of your results.

  • 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until there are no discrepancies
    between theory and experiment and/or observation.

  • so the hypothesis, once demonstrated to be an accurate description of the phenomena, becomes a theory through the collection of evidence.

    There are thousands of pieces of evidence that support the hypotheses of evolution. There is no empirical evidence that supports the hypotheses of intelligent design.

    Therefore only one, evolution, is a scientific theory. The other is a theological argument. a religious theory. it should be taught in a class about religion along with the lessons about Chaos and Gaea, and adam and eve, and Gilgamesh, Odin, etc. (I can't be bothered to hyperlink all those terms. but just google them if you care)

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