October 14th, 2005

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Nihilism, Anarchism and the debate of Utopian-Nihilist

spam is potted meat.when people get
mad cause their favorite tv show has toomany

commercials, sometimes...they kick the dog.

"Alternate Title: Fuck That Anarchy Bullshit, Man, That's So Eighties."

how did poseurs get to rule? they said to the non poserus, "oh, you're

poseurs. we're going over here with out k - k - komrades..."

so: the idea herein is that the anarchoutopian most closely of the
various anarchist '-isms' resembles the enlightenened person. 
perhaps a pair of opposites can be observed -- the utopian and the nihilist -- the nihilists are
already screaming "BULLSHIT"

-- if there's a meaning, they'll sneer and say 'show me proof' -- but
we need them too...as shit stirrers, and anti-intellectual and dogmatic
poseurs, obdurate galvanizers to applied theory of anarchism, Nihilists
are good practice because they will hunt for your human imbalance and
imperfection and say "therefore you must all DIE."

they share something vague in
common with the anarcho-utopian. 

the anarchoutopian often feels that in another generation or thw she
will be proven right -- and that those who disagree with her and shut
her down both on the left and the Right suffer from a lack of vision
and an prevailing judgment that the imbalance that humanity has gotten
used to is all that we can expect.

she or he might go on to talk about
things that the Nihilist will reject as cheesy, fake, cardboard, --

deep feelings, sincerity, trust and lust going whole-heartedly with
sincere feelings about applied anarchism that the Nihilist, who perhaps
has grown overly cynical and taken the defeatist "everything sucks and
it ends in death anyway" attitude...

The Nihilist, however constitutes
perhaps the greater majority of thinkers who will style themselves as
anarchist before anything else, regardless of suffixes or "-isms".

Dirty tricks include:
Totalitariansm, peer pressure as the only social mode of enforcing
unspoken rules and codes of moral propriety, bad hardcore played
repeatedly the same old shit..."dude, it's 'trad'."

To young Emma Goldman it was obvious that the Bolsheviki ideal was not
going to be a vehicle for freedom -- yet the Nihilism that came out of
pre-revolution Russia was what planted the seeds of socailly acceptable
Nihilism today.

Like almost all anarchist, Emma Goldman was wary of the
Bolsheviks when the first euphoria of the news of October had passed.
In 1918 she wrote, "As an anarchist I am opposed to the rigid
centralization the Boyl. proclaim and as much opposed to the
Dictatorship of the Proletariat as to that of the Bourgeoisie." She
added, "But the very fact that they are so attacked and maligned
compels me to stand up for them and with them." She also believed
that anyone with a "revolutionary spark" would put aside difference in
the face of the "attempt to crush the Soviet. Now is not the time,
that's all there is to it."

She was writing in response to the institution in Soviet
Russia of War Communism, the Bolshevik reaction to the crisis of civil
war and foreign intervention. War Communism "halted," Wexler writes,
"the democratic, egalitarian thrust of the early stages of the
revolution, moving instead toward increasingly centralized control of
industry, compulsory labor for all.... a policy of terror against
counter-revolutionists, a flexible category easily stretched to include
hungry workers selling goods on the black market, and members of other
left-wing parties."

The Russian anarchists, almost all of whom had sided with the
Bolsheviks in the early months of the October Revolution, viewed the
new direction as a betrayal of their hopes. Had not Lenin once
asserted, "So long as the state exists there is no freedom"? But by
1921, shortly before his death, the venerated anarchist Peter
Kropotkin would write of the Revolution: "It is perpetrating horrors.
It is ruining the whole country. In its mad fury it is annihilating
human lives." Despite her recognition that some things in Russia had
changed for the better - education, suppression of anti-Semitism in the
Ukraine, a flourishing of the arts - Goldman arrived at Kropotkin's
view that Bolshevism was a conspiracy against the Revolution. Thus
Emma Goldman, the revolutionary, was in a country where the Revolution
had been made, and yet she was alienated from it, "utterly unable to
give," she wrote, a "stranger in a strange land." She suffered,
Wexler believes, from a deep and almost incapacitating depression.

The fateful
year was 1921.http://www.spunk.org/texts/writers/goldman/sp000184.html

Nihilism could be construed by one
active anarchoutopianism as a 'you can't fire me, i quit' epistemology.

and what is a way of thinking seeing and therefore doing things that is
not wholly thought out? it can be said that there is no anarchism as
rulers rule and blunder mindfully and unmindfully. ( but of course, one
could argue that the anarchist simply knows that they are free and
doesn't need their freedom approved by some old dude in a powdered wig
who apporved of slavery. )

the anarchoutopian might say that
the problem of Nihilism is everything that the anarchosocialists are
NOT doing that they could be doing -- that they pose as doing.

big bunches of kids dressed in a
squatters' almost uniform, flying banners and blocking traffic. 
are they meing used?  YES.

but they are so used to being used --  being
used so successfully -- being played for such massive suckers that
TELLING them about it straight up makes them mad -- and the system is
HUGE and everywhere - and you (or me, if i am unlucky enough) are
smaller, weaker (or something) and right there where the sincere
nihilist Anarchist can dump their frustration at being trapped in the
tyranny of Military - Industrial Occupied Earth out on YOU -- because,
well The System's big, as was said.

Thus the Divide and Conquer via
intimidation and obfuscation is complete -- so it would seem

Nihilism cancels itself out,
ultimatley -- reduced to absurdity by being a 'philosophy of
meaninglessness'. And the dirty trick of the Nihilist is to attempt to
eradicate and erode meaning if another points out that it could be

one could say that the world is out
of balance with the earth.  light and darkness exist in balance --
except in our world's still evoving culture. every day history gets
more huge and that -- THAT -- has always happened. does it come down to
a basic core issue of duality and balance/imbalance?

if i perceive a thing, Be it God or Fairies, or Xena, and you decide to
simply deny that my perceptions are valid -- what is happening
underground in the mind is the Competitor's, Dominator's, Conqueror's
mentality -- the mentality of the system. 

Socialists in anarchist scenes say
'we should all be nonviolent' and (attept to show that they)
philosophically divorce themselves from Socialists in other regions who
are professional at making war (by saying 'but we're ANARCHIST
Socialists) -- yet both subgroups get their perceptions from the
Communist manifesto - did i say 'perceptions'? The word should have
been 'instructions.'

I have also been cold-shouldered by
people who took umbrage to my retort "sure, if you're Adolf Hitler"
when they commented that a swastika was once considered a good-luck
charm.  some weren't so lucky...and (not but, AND) that was a long
time ago.

the anarcho-utopian might look at
the anarchosocialist as a sucker.

Fear of Fear Itself?

but how does one make war against

one can try but it's a reduction ad absurdem attempt -- not unlike
attemptiong to make a philosophy out of Nihilism. you can impress
depressed people and fill a lot of books but ultimately, nihilism is
denial.  there are epistemological approaches toward affirming the
material world that do not neglect or deny the things of the heart and
of the flesh and of the soul.  the anarcho-utopian swings
wonderfully close to the anarcho-taoist in such
affirmations.   and as we look at the world the Military -
Industrial Simplex creates, the Government Of The World -- the idea of
"anarcho-uutopianism" makes a LOT  more sense -- true
leaderlessness.  of COURSE those in power laugh -- but it's the
laugh of derision that goes along with Advanced Conspiracies and
Cover-ups, the fun game that all the rich nerds of washington seem
addicted to.  they laugh at the idea of a world with no
leaders  pollutiong, lying, making secrets and lying about that
and killing ....but as people look at Government as it has stood the
idea of an advanced cognition presents itself and the head it rears is
not a ugly one.

kindly it can be said of the
anarchist Nihilist: "You're half right."

what has created the judgment
pattern that life is pointless?  In a lot of ways the
Conqueror-Dominator-Competitor model of consciousness over the course
of many many generations, presenting rutkess urge for 'power-over' as
the only world view.

 (killing those who opposed
them...like maybe all the nice people in India who had a culture before
the guys with the Swastica religion showed up...in 1469 B. C. Oh,
yeah...and before they called it "India".)

the judgement pattern "life is
pointless suffering" comes from the mentality of the person born
basically all right yet told that: unless they contribute
to a system based on greed cruelty and war machines, enslaved and
enslaving and propping up that system -=- their life is pointless.

in that world of blinding white inquistor-light the anarchist-nihilist
strikes a internal compromise. 

others who have been exposed to and
psychically raped by that famous White Light turn to satanism and add
that to the anarchist idea....not realiseing c onsciously that it was
the Face of Luciferian Edict disguised in Religious wear that chased
them into that leap. 

"If those assholes think jesus is
cool, I guess I better worship satan cause they are obviously
assholes."  yeah, once again, half right.)

But it's being blasted by that
harsh white light that makes people give up on life of meaning. 
Bceause the Dominator Model of Consciousness is also the raper male who
makes no bones about it and takes what he wants. Lies are okay to that
mentality. and it produces as its victims those who have given up on
the good things in life that money can't buy -- defense mechanisms have
sprung up -- based on cynical judgment patterns and self-talk that goes
"well if everything is gonna basically suck, i'll never be

But that produces people who can't
accomplish much, and disspoints the anarchist-utopian...who also sees
the psychotic insanity of the military industrial complex but knows
that a better world HAS to be possible.  but the others...have
embraced Permanent revolution...that serves THEM exceedingly well,
always the Chechens, and the Bosnians and other faraway from the rich
Bohemian ambiance of the heart of the G-8, will be making permanent
revolution, and so this creates huge flocks of ironically lemminglike
anarcho-socialists, determined to champion the causes of
socialism.  This ALSO  makes leaders laugh and it's just a
dirty trick.

I THOUGHT: But Bush and Bush desire a One World Order, a global
military industrial Republic. Wouldn't socialistrs activising for
Socialist causes and using Socialist methods of living their lives just
softed up the dor for them?  Imagine their "red" faces!

It is easy to make a judgment BECAUSE they combine conformity of
outward pose with repeated statement of anarchist lifestyle that such a
poseurs and the enemy.  But not so fast!  Why should someone
seeking real anarchist action in the world get REALLY REALLY mad at
those who at LEAST  want to make a show of it?

Most don't KNOW that the Romantic Bolshevik "-isms" were created by the
American capitalist -- fearful of the loss in productivity that the
delegalization of overt slavery had caused him.  (He still had the
wage slaves but having to share profit was making hum nervous.) 
And it is not taught in history classes because -- we're talking about
a SUCESSFUL CONSPIRACY HERE - one that goes back almost a century --
and so having history taught in a way that does not shed real clear
light that helps people make their own choices was perfect for a
fascistic deception of BILLIONS of people by capitalists. 

Creating the Soviet Union, Socialism and everything that came from that
was a great vehicle for Those Who Would Rule to utterly trick many of
Those Who Would be truly Free. and NOW you get the case where many
people have embraced the Communist manifesto's vision and have a lot of
pride in their accomplishments.

do they care about anarchism?  is anarchist debate staid, blindly
pessimistic,  so much so that it insists that the light at the
tunne;'s end is an oncoming train when it could be the IDEA of
anarchism, the core of it having made sense all along?  Perhaps
the militant nihilist believes that the current world myust be
destroyed by nuclear armageddon so that people who come after can life
free -- and so goes to antiwar protests but encourages halfhearted
fucked up behavior on purpose? 

are THEY  a tool of the new world order?  when i smoke camels
and drink beer from the store that i didn't make myself, am i
'internalizing the state' -- or has thought as far as anarchism goes
become staid and self-referencing and lost in a Romance of a Russia
that never existed?