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Open Letter to Freelance Writing Jobs Website

Open Letter to Freelance Writing Jobs Website

You asked for permission to publish my email to you (in the below email that you sent to me.

From      "Deborah Ng" <>


Re: Call for Submission (submitted to Writers Gazette and More)  

May I have your permission to reprint this letter on my blog?


I clearly told you "no, no, do not publish my prior emails to you, but yes, I would very much like for you to publish the below letter which is
a more easily understood chronological account of my past two emails to you. in my below letter to you because I realized that you might try to publish excerpts with  rude insults.  You sent the below letter to me on Nov 26th stating that you would not publish it.  Then, in the following link, found by clicking here, you published it anyway... excerpts with rude insults.

You then went on to publish to your bulletin board forums:  "I'm not responding as I've had enough drama in my life lately." You sent me over four emails and posted my letter to your blog and I had to place you on my spam list. Is that what you call not responding?

I am now publishing the full account.

Love, Solidarity for a Better World,

-Independent Writer for the Radical Caring Zine

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 15:43:04 -0500, "Deborah Ng"
< > said:
> Sorry, no. I was only interested in posting the other email


Dear Freelance Writing Jobs,

Thank you for your wonderful email. In answer to your request to
publish my letter to you, no, do not publish my prior emails to you, but
yes, I would very much like for you to publish the below letter which is
a more easily understood chronological account of my past two emails to
you. Thank you very much for your request to publish my letter.

A few days ago I sent the below request to you in hopes that you would
publish it onto your website under “Free Freelance Job Listings.”

> "Welcomes submissions from both new and established writers. Over 60%
> > freelance. Radical Caring, is the People's Empowerment Publication
> > Dedicated to Encouraging, Inspiring, Networking, Celebrating and
> > Remembering Activists and Communities Worldwide. It is a printed
> > publication and the site includes print, online, audio and soon video
> > stories. New writing is sought about activist communities and other
> > radical writing that is related (either directly or indirectly) to
> > radical activism, love, or shared living and community situations in all
> > genres (fiction, non-fiction, surreal, experimental, and everything
> > else). Writers are encouraged to study recent issues for content and
> > style as we are not a typical, activism publication (for example we are
> > not interested in articles about politicians). Since articles are
> > written 4-6 months before publication, we avoid covering immediate
> > events, as such writing is certain to be out of date by the time they
> > appear. Send your entire submission (not a query) in the body of an
> > e-mail. We do not accept attachments or hard copies unless we
> > specifically request them. Include your name, the story's title, the
> > story's genre, and the story's length at the beginning of the e-mail.
> > Your document should be single spaced, with a blank line between
> > paragraphs. Paragraphs should not be indented. Follow your story with a
> > short bio (50-100 words). You are welcome to link to other published
> > work, to an extended version of the article or to a personal webpage.
> > Average article is approx. 1,000 to 3,000 words in length although
> > longer work will be considered. Visual assists are also greatly
> > encouraged, as well as graphics, illustrations, and photographs (but
> > excluding all logos). We do not link to myspace pages. Payment is in
> > the form of extended complimentary subscription, complimentary display
> > ad, author is permitted to duplicate and sell Radical Caring keeping all
> > profits and other awards are given."
> >
> > =====end of listing=============

I then received a reply from which was as follows:

Thanks so much for considering us for your advertisement. I'm sorry to
> inform you we only post paying opportunities.
Good luck!
> Deborah Ng

My reply to you (shortened for brevity) was as follows:

Dear Freelance Writing Jobs,

Thanks for your email. Radical Caring is a not-for-profit publication
and the position is paid. It states at the bottom that it pays.
"Payment is in the form of extended complimentary subscription,
complimentary display ad, (to be exact, a '1/6 pg 5" high by 2 1/2' wide
ad- currently valued at $29.00 but a far greater value when you consider
that most writers can't afford an ad inside most corporate magazines
which they write for). In addition, the author is permitted to
duplicate and sell Radical Caring keeping all profits (which has a
potential value of thousands of dollars) and other awards are given."
Many other magazines, publishers and especially multinational
corporations create writing positions that offer, cold hard cash which
percentage wise, equates to less than .000005% of the profit which they
make on the final writing product. Radical Caring actually cares about
our writers thus we offer them the opportunity for writers to actually
sell the final product keeping 100% of the profits.

The kind of payment which [your website generally is restricted to] is
obviously strictly in cold, hard cash and it is very unfortunate to your
readers, writers, to people working for a better world, and even to the
 people who enabled you to be in such a powerful position that you
should exclude other forms of payment. This world existed for thousands of years using
mutual aid, barter and trade which often creates a form of payment which
is far more socially just then cash ever could represent.

Your [website’s] strict interpretation of 'payment' also creates a power
structure which promotes writers to only hear (through your website) about
magazines and publications which have cold, hard cash as a result of
their unethical, unscrupulous, multinational corporate business

Your website currently post leads for "Golf Event Magazine" and for
[another website described only as] "Golf Writers" which only pays fifty dollars
with their description posted on an anonymous Craig list webpage, but our
activist publication, which has a website, podcast and blog is censored by your

Maybe the Radical Caring focus on caring about the creation of a
socially just world causes us to come up lacking for cold, hard cash but
its a sacrifice for which our readers and writers thank us.

Thanks for your wish for your Good Luck. Please also send my thanks to
the primary Writers Gazette website for including entries in their 'calls
for submissions' webpage under "Writer Jobs" which include barter and trade
payment listings for writers.

Love, Solidarity for a Better World,

-Radical Caring writer


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