Peace Communities Now Offers Gift Certificates for Blogging and Writing! Happy New Year Everyone!

Peace Communities Now Offers Gift Certificates for Blogging and Writing! Happy New Year Everyone!

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AWBC deletes their account because of riseup prejudice, authoritarianism, and vanguardis

AWBC Deleted Their email list and Email Account Because of's Increasing Prejudice, Authoritarianism, and Vanguardism

Dear Jessi,

If your collective has a complaint form, we ask that a member of your collective, other than you, please send it because your racial harassment is proven beyond question.

Your website states:

"We value, support, and engage in struggles for human liberation, the ethical treatment of animals, and ecological sustainability. We join in the fight for freedom and the self-determination of all oppressed groups. We oppose all forms of prejudice, authoritarianism, and vanguardism. "

It is you and who have oppressed our group by your authoritarian and vanguard actions.

#1.  In your below email you stated your were "confused", then demanded that we take action based on your confusion and that you required the action to be completed before your confusion was clear, then you deleted our emails before we answered your email.  We've had an email list with you since March 2004, and yet you delete 1/3 of our email list based on your confusion and racism after only receiving one email from us?

Here are several definitions of racism:

"Some sociologists have defined racism as a system of group privilege. In Portraits of White Racism David Wellman (1993) has defined racism as "culturally sanctioned beliefs, which, regardless of intentions involved, defend the advantages whites have because of the subordinated position of racial minorities,” (Wellman 1993: x). Sociologists Noel Cazenave and Darlene Alvarez Maddern define racism as “...a highly organized system of 'race'-based group privilege that operates at every level of society and is held together by a sophisticated ideology of color/'race' supremacy. Racist systems include, but cannot be reduced to, racial bigotry,”

You suggested that we, a multiriacial alliance building peace conference, host our email list elsewhere, and thus we have deleted all of our archives and our account with you as our entire collective believes that your actions were without question an act of blatant racism in that your organization used your advantages of white power and privilege to delete over 1/3 of our email list before your self-admitted confusion was cleared up.

Yes, it was an actual domain.  We owned it.  Unfortunately, unlike we don't have your financial privileges so we could no longer afford it.  Now that is doing random unwarranted searches of email list accounts, and interrogating activists, and scrutinizing email lists and counting email addresses on activist email lists, you have severely violated the privacy which was actually the only reasons remaining why we stayed with

You say that you are offended by our factual statement that doesn't deliver emails.  That statement was made based on what our email list members tell us and validated by statements from your own website.

Here are just a few of the countless statements from your website regarding your email list in less than year's time:

blocked by yahoo!
October 3, 2007, 12:19 pm
We are being blocked by This has caused a massive backlog of undelivered mail. We are working to resolve the yahoo block, and get all the mail delivered.

lists are down
September 24, 2007, 8:39 am
very sorry but the list machine has gone down, we are working on fixing it, delivery will resume when it returns

again with the power outage
September 16, 2007, 4:49 pm
Once more with feeling! Back up now, and we think this time everything will stay up.

power outage
September 16, 2007, 11:46 am
All the riseup servers lost power this morning. We are working hard to get everything running again. certificates updated
September 8, 2007, 12:12 pm
please see to verify the fingerprint

brief attack
September 4, 2007, 10:17 pm and were down for a few hours today from a Distributed Denial of Service attack, but everything has calmed down now.

outage over
September 3, 2007, 5:51 pm
hardware problem fixed!

mail server is currently down
September 2, 2007, 9:53 am
half of all riseup mail is currently down as we fix one of the mail storage servers. It should be another hour before it comes back up.

lists down today
August 11, 2007, 10:16 am
we are doing an upgrade, sorry for any incovnenience

squirrelmail plugin update
August 11, 2007, 8:19 am
the address complete plugin was disabled until we determine the cause of a problem related to it

squirrelmail downgrade
July 27, 2007, 9:41 am
Squirrelmail version 1.5 has proved to be a disaster. We have downgraded squirrelmail to version 1.4.10a, which should be much more stable and include features users have been missing.

minor maintenance today
June 30, 2007, 1:07 pm
if your login failed, try again!
list machine fixed

June 19, 2007, 12:46 am
We have replaced the component we think was causing the problems. Lists should now be catching up.
list hardware is dying

June 18, 2007, 9:31 pm
We are in the process of moving to backup hardware.

lists having some problems
June 18, 2007, 9:47 am
we are working on a fix.

shell access
May 18, 2007, 12:31 am
shell access is working again. you can now enable shell access by visiting
database connection problem fixed

May 17, 2007, 5:39 pm
sorry for the problems, primary database corruption earlier today, everything ok now

login problems?
May 13, 2007, 12:43 pm
there were some login problems this morning, that has been fixed

comcast block removed
May 12, 2007, 2:38 pm
the block was removed on wednesday
comcast blocking riseup mails again

May 9, 2007, 1:21 pm
expected resolution 24-48 hours

comcast is blocking riseup
Sat, 09 Dec 2006 00:16:42 +0100
Comcast is blocking riseup again, but this time they claim that they are not! We are trying to figure out how to convince them that they really
are blocking us.

list delivery delayed
Sat, 02 Dec 2006 21:00:46 +0100
List delivery was delayed this morning. We are now catching up with the backlog.

comcast block gone
Tue, 21 Nov 2006 07:13:51 +0100
comcast replies and says they aren't blocking us

comcast block is back
Tue, 21 Nov 2006 02:09:41 +0100
whats up with these people?

comcast block is lifted
Fri, 17 Nov 2006 00:30:51 +0100
we don't know why comcast decided to start blocking us, but we have gotten them to stop.

mail is back up
Sat, 11 Nov 2006 18:07:54 +0100
we had some bad memory, but it was replaced last night"

Again, if your collective has a complaint form, we ask that a member of your collective, other than you, please send it because your racial harassment is proven beyond question.

It is a disgrace that 21,000 dollars of people's donations goes to your stipends out of the 35,600 donated to you so that you can oppress groups like the AWBC who make nothing in stipends.  If  you really cared about justice, you would use those funds to provide an email service or list that works instead of giving yourselves stipends of over 50%.

  Just in case that also offends you, it was found here:

Love, Solidarity and end to Racism

-A World Beyond Capitalism Conference
The Third Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference

On Tue, 9 Oct 2007 09:09:11 -0700, "jessib" <>
> Hi.
> We are somewhat confused by your message.   We would
> appreciate if you could remove those emails, as it is an actual domain.
> Riseup is an all-volunteer collective, and we are proud of the service we
> provide. Honestly, I'm offended by your statement that:
> #2. SO many people won't ever subscribe to our email list because they
> are aware that riseup email lists don't deliver emails.
> If you find our services to be so lacking, why don't you host your list
> elsewhere?
> -jessi

AWBC deleted their account because of riseup prejudice, authoritarianism, and vanguardism


three emails from someone

Dear family and friends,

I am posting three emails from someone.

Love for the people,




For those of you who dont know, I have decided to head south for a month to check out acclimate a bit before a permanent move....geographically, Quito is a lot like La Paz, Bolivia, a city high in the Andes, nestled in a valley surrounded by towering peaks. It´s quite a beautiful and dramatic setting...Quito is the second highest capital in the world, after La Paz, but no one cares about #2, in general...we give so much attention to #1 that the rest almost doesnt matter....anyway...despite the fact that Quito is just a few kilometers south of the Equator, it´s mean temperature is somewhere in the 50s (Fahrenheit)....usually 60´s during the day...sometimes sunny sometimes not, but rarely very hot or very can pick out the recently arrived gringos, like myself, who get sunburned because they feel ¨safe´because they are wearing a sweater.......

Quito is a typical sprawling large city anywhere, with an old colonial downtown, partially restored with tons of churches, some nice plazas, narrow streets, the Presidential quarters, the mixed bag of business people, students, tourists, lots and lots of various police, the "ìnformal" economy of street merchants selling everything under the sun, the shoe shine boys, beggars, newspaper vendors, at night the drunks and prostitutes, the taxis and buses and cars and trucks squeezing down impossibly small streets, school children darting through and around the taller people, in the Plaza Grande, the old men come out carefully attired in their suits and hats and leather gloves, stiff with dignity and fatigue, dreaming of other, simpler times perhaps....the is the anniversary of the founding of Quito so there are loads of Ecuadorian and Quito flags, yellows and reds and blues , the faces white and brown and black and everything in between..... hundreds of years of Spanish colonialism brought the white, slavery brought the black, and before any of that even existed there were the jet black hair and brown skin and dark eyes of the it is mostly a mix......

And then there are the lottery ticket sellers.......hundreds and hundreds of them.....I dont know what their commision is but it cant be very much, the tickets only go for a few cents, and the competition is intense.....a lot of the sellers are the indigenous, driven from their homes by the dollarization of Ecuador, by the oil companies, by a host of neo-liberal economic policies that has made it impossible to live, to eat, to breathe...they flock to the cities, hoping for a better life, and so many end up selling lottery tickets on the corners of a capital of a country that was imposed on them long ago, far from their homes, their land, their people, far from the graves of the ancestors, far from their holy places......the official currency of Ecuador is the US $$$$$$ an attempt to hang on to a bit of dignity, Ecuador still has a few coins in circulation, but the crumpled bills in the hands of the people bear the likeness of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, and occasionally Andrew Jackson......

There isa bit of hope, tempered by the recent history of Ecuador, which has seen 6-7 Presidents in the last 10 years.....the President-elect Rafael Correa is promising big things to the people here; he crushed the billionaire Noboa in the recent election....Noboa, who has made his fortune on the backs of the poor and dispossessed, tried to sway the people with cash handouts, free wheelchairs....he was fond of sinking to his knees at his campaign stops, brandishing a Bible in one hand, swearing loudly that his only wish in life was to serve, to serve with humility the Ecuadorian shame, no shame...this from a man whose net worth is over US$1 billion much of it the proceeds of banana sales......can you imagine how many bananas were involved ????? And Ecuador is a rich country, a huge oil exporting country..the riches have disappeared into the coffers of the international banks, into the black hole of Noboa´s businesses, into the accounts of the corrupt ruling classes, leaving the people even poorer than they were pre-oil discovery, but with a whole lot more problems......Correa has promised a revolution...we shall see....
Today, I left my wallet in a cafe, and went about my business, until i realized with sinking heart that that familiar feeling in my left jeans pocket was cards, MAC, license, phone numbers, $190, pictures....ugly !
I realized after a few minutes that the only time that morning i had taken it out was at the cafe, I headed that way, hoping but braced for the worst, the same girl was thgere as had been there ealier...I told her my problem, she just smiled and turned towards the fridge; she said she had run after me this morning as soon as she had realized, but couldnt catch me...she refused to take ANYTHING from me....I returned 20 minutes later as I was going out for the day and tried to press her to take $20 at least, which was a huge amount of money for her...she absolutely refused, said it was the only thing to do, the right thing, and she wouldnt hear of accepting anything at all.-....she cautioned me to be careful from now on, because, as she said " around here..." was so reassuring, so gratifying to realize that there are still people like her in the world,. and at the same time, I felt sad, because so many of these good people are so honest, they are honest to a fault...they can so easily fall victim to more manipulative types, who will strike deals and make promises, and year after year, it is only one side that holds up the the meantime, their land, theiur wealth, their families are disappearing in front of their eyes, and they steadfastly hang on the the values they feel to be right, without realizing, perhaps, that the world is run by a different type of person...I remember the 1000+ treaties signed by the native Americans, every one of them broken by the colonists and the American government, paper after paper signed and ignored, each time the indigenous believing that THIS time would have to be the last time they would have to pick up and move.....

I´ll write more when I am motivated...I am off to the bus station to see about a ticket to the coast, the beach is calling me !



Puerto Lopez was rolled up for the night when I finally arrived.---- this is an active fishing town, early to bed early to rise...there was one small "hotel" open, which was fine...i took a walk before llying down just to stretch my legs a bit...not much going on, a few sleepy dogs, a few non'.-fisherman types wandering around, I walked on the beach, a wide curving arc of moonlit sand, gently lapping waves, dozens of wooden boats dragged up on the sand.... very peaceful......In the morning it was something totally different......a flock of vultures circled high above the beach, the beach was swarming with fishermen and their boats, just in from 2 days out in the ocean, a small army of pickup trucks ready to take the catch to wherever the market was, a legion of strong armed fish wives, filleting, cleaning, organizing with a fluency that only comes with generations of experience....every size and type of fish imaginable is laid out there on the beach, or slipping over the rim of a large tub, or being dragged up the sand....manta rays swordfish (or sailfish, I cant tell the difference) hammerhead sharks, other sharks piles of gooey slidy slippery soon.-to-be seafood is cleaned, separated boxed bought and man is the local king, he has about 40 boats and 15 trucks, I am told, he watches over his little kingdom in a pressed shirt and faded jeans, a small wad of American dollars in his hands, admonishing, encouraging, occasionally berated, a sharp eye cast over his subjects, intent on maximizing profits, the profits of being a boat ownr in Pto. Lopez.....and your thoughts wnader to the life of the fishermen who are fighting a losing battle against the giant industrial trawlers who are ravaging the seas, sweeping clean the bottoms of the oceans with grim efficiency, putting in doubt the survival of both fish and marine life and fishermen, these blind wretched symbols of excess, groping in the depths of the oceans for anything that is alive, indiscriminate in its destruction, and then you hear that by 2040, most type of fish will be wiped out from the world´s oceans if present patterns continue and you begin to wonder what happened, it cant have been meant to be this do you go so far to destroying the planet and hardly is an alarm even raised......

Pto. Lopez is also the jumping off point for a lot of whale watching tours, it seems humpback whales return to mate in significant numbers (there are hardly any left, but of those that remain, a lot return to Pto. Lopez and the surrounding waters)....that is mostly after July for 3 or 4 months, now there are limited tours to the islands where there are some secluded beaches and good snorkelling, one is told. Out of season, out of work guides occasionally come up to you to try to entice you to take a boat out with them, I decline..I wander down the road, which quickly turns from asphalt to dust to have some breakfast in a little enclave of green, a mini' jungle transplanted to the coast (this part of the coast is very dry, only scrubby vegetation is apparent)a European couple, passionate in their devotion to the whales of the area, have set up shop here and have built cabinas, a whale museum, and kind of a local center for conservation efforts. They irrigate their whole place, so it has bamboo, cactus, bouganvillea, lots of trees...really really nice....lots of flowers and dogs and big massive wooden gates and a dramatic entrance.....



Heading south form Porto Lopez, there unfolds before you a tapestry of stunning beauty, beach after beach, rocky outcroppings thrusting their jaw into the ocean, crashing waves, dry deserty life followed by luxurious green, the bus winds and grinds down the coastal road, light, happy music, lots of carpet up front and stickers and a miniature hammock, stuffed animals a "woman only " sign for the seat opposite the easy hour ride down the coast, you are let off in the little surfing town of Montañita, which is now half populted by gringos of one sort or another...some surfers, some rasta types a lot of beards and jewlery for sale and beads and breakfst menus, deluze soy burger for $2.75, they slide down mighty easily when you are high, lots of sore throats, slow gaits and serious serious looks to go with the burned out smiles of the over done.....I dont smoke much in the States, but here, to paraphrase Spalding Gray, you feel like you have to, you ae almost disrespecting the place if you I ask around and one man lads me to another, the first one is Argentine, I understand NOTHING of what he says, I am almost going to give up, but he gestures me to follow him, he may as well have ben Chinese, I understand no word he said, suppoedly it was spanish, but it was mumbled sotto voce, and in Argentine dialect...anyway we make out way down the street a bit, and he gestures to a guy trying to get a freebie juice from a vendor...we say a few words in Spanish, he points to a woman and suggests I talk to her, she starts asking me what do I speak in several languages, anyway, we choose French and she is asking me stuff but I dont know who she is and then he thinks I dont understand the french, so he starts translating her french back into english, but he is good in neither language, and I understand we go back to Spanish and we decide to go to his house and they let me in, and the madness begins, they have three little adorable children who have been trailing behind them all the way down the street, they tumble into he room, a couple of fold out beds, a suitcase abttered in the cornr and old backpack, a rickety wooden table with a gas cooktop, a fridge with the handle falling off, a bathroom separated by a sheet at the far end, and shit dumped everywhere, a lonely pot on the stove, and then he digs in some back and takes out this packet of newsprint wrapped, duct tape sealed sticky stinky weed, she is just back from Colombia the day before, they have not slept in 2 days, she smuggles in weed and they sell it, amng other things, she rips off a huge handful I dont know ow much it is heavy and she tells me it is mine for $20, my God I couldnt smoke all that in a month, but I accept, he has aleady rolled one and is lighting up and we sit down and talk and he starts to talk in Spanish, some slang, some quick, some excruciatingly slow, he is a mixture of Huckleberry Finn and Oliver Twist.....he is a refugee from Colombia, from the wars, he wont go back, he lives wherever he can, they do all together as a family, and do whatever i taks to make some oney, whichoften involves weed sales...and he launches into an off again on again diatribe about being Colombian, and being himelf, and how people love him so much they hate him, for his freedom, for what he is, but or which they are not willing to sacifice anything to get.....he is fiercely proud of being colombian, he wears it as a badge of pride, and carries his cedula de identidad with pride....he goes on about how hard it is to be Colombian,and how easy it is to denounce one´s I get high and we make vague plans to meet later and I say goodbye and I know I will see them again soo and I walk back the 20 minuts down he beach to my room and I start to imagine myself caricatured, like they used to do down the Shore in Jersey or at the State Fairs and I think that they will give a a screwed up intense face, jaw juting, pasionate but a bit self righteous, and I am OK with that for now....then I get back and rooll one for me and it is all over with a swinging singing descent into what is all around me....the waves and sky and beach and rocks and hammock and noie in the distance and the great feeling of calm and tranquility that comes over you and the esire to RELAX, but THEN THE GUILT SETS IN...and the prostate starts hurting and that great big computer of ours, of mine, the head start spiting out a list of all the things I SHOULD b doing, and how it isnt really a good idea to have fun.....there´sa lot of material here folks, the Ten Commandments and demons and priests and churches and mothers whispering to their children to behave and fathers pretending they dont know what is going on....and you hear all this but also the waves and you are thinking about the girl crossing theborder with her package of weed, and she tells me she is protected, and I wonder by what by whom is she talking about Homeland Security or a Saint for Travelers or something else.....she is part ecuadorian, part indegenous, she was thrown out of her house whereever that was when she was twelve and then ended up in Switzerland,,,and she has these three little beautiful children and this package full of sticky weed and eventually I fall asleep, and only a few mosquitoes bite me and then I wake up and yes

42 years ago I came screaming kicking laughing crying into this world, full of mucus and blood and not ready for what lay before me, here I am 42 years later and I am running on this beautiful beach and watching the pelicans, here are flocks of them here, not the solitary kingfishrs you see in pictures.....the beach and I run and run...yes, folks it is my BIRTHDAY, and besides my rotten teeth, I am happy, and I swim and wim and run and have a smoke and stat talking to the guy at the couner and he tells me to go up the hill to the santuary and then a Costa Rican, a Tico tells me the same and I will have great views so I eat and go, and ask a shot woman in a blue ress on the way up and she points m to it and it enter this building but first I top under the shade, and there are litle sheltrs from the sun with a bnch on the edge of a cliff, and on the other side, the cliffside of the bench are children 2 feet from the edge and they are throwing rocks down down, hundred sof feet down, and they are laughing and their mother is weary in the wun and she doesnt care or look and I can see for milesmiles and miles of beach and waves, miles of beach, and the ratiional Western part of me notices that if they slip they will fall hundreds of feet to their death, and the other part of me is happy that they are happy and can see that they are safe and fine...and there are a lot of people talking andit isnt clear where the church is, there is a sign no bathing suits, but I dont have one on so i go in and walk up and up and there is a two stage church like thing, but open to the air no walls.... and there is a mini amphitheatre and a lot of people there foir the views and for the chuchand for some sort of party, a lot of children and everyone is milling around and chatting and then it startys to shape up and I am amazed, there is no conrol, just everyone doing his thing, and some clowns, and some peop`le with big red plastic noses and then it starts but I am not thrown out because I dont belong they are oblivious to everything I dont have to prove my bona fides, there is no checklist, and then here is a wman who dances, can this be a Catholic Church isnt the one I know there are clowns and Santa Claus no and a lot of children and painted faces and one of hem kneels down before the sow and ants to pay and others are filming with a vieo camera, and I am SMILING, it is nice to be here and there is a great ea breeze and a beautiful view and happy people...the whole Chuch is built on this little summit, this little rocky crag and looks like it will fall thousands of feet some day with the rocks the children are throwing, like some Grek Orthodox monstery wedged in the cracks of a cliff, but this one is not off limits to women, in fact it is MOSTLY women who are here....and I remember the way the Colombian guy ran his hands through his weed and tossed great pieces aside, his life and love for the bounty of nature, without being wasteful....I can not stop smiling, I am smiling even more than the Ecuadorian children at their Christmas i go down slowly back to my place to continue on with the craziness....

at some point it is nighttime and i am on the street and I head down to Jorge´s house and he is at the door when I get there and I go in....we talk and we smoke and we go out and it is dark and there is a crowd of people in the street and you think it is a fair or a wedding, but no it is about 50-60 people learning how to do what looks like a square dance..they are going through the moves, awkward couples on display....blocking the street having their own open air Fred Astaire dance class.......

at some point I am sitting on the sidewalk in front of a small grocery store with Jorge and later his wife and we are drinking beers...even I am drinking a beer, and then a second one, and I have smoked as well, so things feel differently than they usually do.......and at some point I am talking to his wife, whose name I cannot quite get, and she is telling me all sorts of things, she is mixed race, and her mother is full blooded Shuar, that they are a fierce people who were never conquered by the Spanish and they used to behead their enemies killled in war and shrink their heads, and this became popular and the Europeans wanted shrunken heads too and then we are talking about her people, who teach that life only begins at 60 those first few years are for life to give back to life, after that you decide your real mission and path in life and you start on that and you might need hundreds of years and she was going to live 300 or 400 and thehn she is telling me about how they met at the airport in Schipol, Amsterdam´s airport and she has bottles of some traditional concoction in 3 liter Coke bottles, which she claims are indestructible, and she is in front of customs and she has branches and leaves from this tree in her bag and her suitcase bursts open in front of customs the bottles roll out and there it is, she looks up and sees Jorge on line, he is leaving amesterdam as she is arriving and they lok at each other and knows that that is their partner, and start creating a story and wqeave their way out of the problems with customs and now they are alwasy together...then it is on to Henry Miller, and by this time, I am gone....unlike some people, who, when they smoke pot or that kind of thing, get an increase in clarity, energy, etc, I am the opposite....I have forgotten ALL of my Spanish, the only word >I can remember is Si, and that is it.....I say Si, Si, every few minutes to prove I am present, I dont know what they are thinking, but she is talking and moves on the Henry Miller, and do I like Henry Miller. She has apparently read everything Henry Miller ever wrote, she loved the way he gave up everything and just wanted aplace to write or something....I dont remember ANYTHING about Henry Miller and I confess as much...then it is on to Hawaii, and I am hearing about how tooth decay was unknown in Hawaii until the colonialists, eventually backed by the US military, introduced refined sugar ....she tells me there are documents to prove this was intentional my head is spinning, I am learning about American history from a Shuar woman in Ecuador _:;?????????????????we are back and forth I am hearing things about the culture, the cosmology of this people which is so radically different from anything I have ever heard, she explains why the West is slowly dying, we have a sick Mother she tells me, but Pachamama her Mother will save everything and at some point we are back and she is passed out on the bed and Jorge is up with a friend and they are heating up cocaione, he has made a little crack stove, and they are going at it and his wife is asleep`on the bed and the three gorgeous little naked babies are laying thier bright in the glare of an unshaded light and the one guy seated on the threshhold of the shower stall, and I am telling him I am not into coke, and he said that that is good, but for him, he does good things with it, he is a healer of the Left >Hand, he is a devil, but a good devil, and he gets the same result as the Healers of the Right Hand like the shamans, he just goes about things differently...and they are puffing furiously, and somewhere during the night I have heard about a magical liquid that is found only in the Amazon region, it is made from some tree or shrub or vine and that this causes an opening of the spirit and you can change yourself, it can effect your DNA, it will touch your very essence..........on and on head spinning, every mooring torn free slip streaming drifting recalling falling the sweet sound of the waves and the glazy glow of an Equatorian moon.

Open Letter to Freelance Writing Jobs Website

Open Letter to Freelance Writing Jobs Website

You asked for permission to publish my email to you (in the below email that you sent to me.

From      "Deborah Ng" <>


Re: Call for Submission (submitted to Writers Gazette and More)  

May I have your permission to reprint this letter on my blog?


I clearly told you "no, no, do not publish my prior emails to you, but yes, I would very much like for you to publish the below letter which is
a more easily understood chronological account of my past two emails to you. in my below letter to you because I realized that you might try to publish excerpts with  rude insults.  You sent the below letter to me on Nov 26th stating that you would not publish it.  Then, in the following link, found by clicking here, you published it anyway... excerpts with rude insults.

You then went on to publish to your bulletin board forums:  "I'm not responding as I've had enough drama in my life lately." You sent me over four emails and posted my letter to your blog and I had to place you on my spam list. Is that what you call not responding?

I am now publishing the full account.

Love, Solidarity for a Better World,

-Independent Writer for the Radical Caring Zine

On Sun, 26 Nov 2006 15:43:04 -0500, "Deborah Ng"
< > said:
> Sorry, no. I was only interested in posting the other email


Dear Freelance Writing Jobs,

Thank you for your wonderful email. In answer to your request to
publish my letter to you, no, do not publish my prior emails to you, but
yes, I would very much like for you to publish the below letter which is
a more easily understood chronological account of my past two emails to
you. Thank you very much for your request to publish my letter.

A few days ago I sent the below request to you in hopes that you would
publish it onto your website under “Free Freelance Job Listings.”

> "Welcomes submissions from both new and established writers. Over 60%
> > freelance. Radical Caring, is the People's Empowerment Publication
> > Dedicated to Encouraging, Inspiring, Networking, Celebrating and
> > Remembering Activists and Communities Worldwide. It is a printed
> > publication and the site includes print, online, audio and soon video
> > stories. New writing is sought about activist communities and other
> > radical writing that is related (either directly or indirectly) to
> > radical activism, love, or shared living and community situations in all
> > genres (fiction, non-fiction, surreal, experimental, and everything
> > else). Writers are encouraged to study recent issues for content and
> > style as we are not a typical, activism publication (for example we are
> > not interested in articles about politicians). Since articles are
> > written 4-6 months before publication, we avoid covering immediate
> > events, as such writing is certain to be out of date by the time they
> > appear. Send your entire submission (not a query) in the body of an
> > e-mail. We do not accept attachments or hard copies unless we
> > specifically request them. Include your name, the story's title, the
> > story's genre, and the story's length at the beginning of the e-mail.
> > Your document should be single spaced, with a blank line between
> > paragraphs. Paragraphs should not be indented. Follow your story with a
> > short bio (50-100 words). You are welcome to link to other published
> > work, to an extended version of the article or to a personal webpage.
> > Average article is approx. 1,000 to 3,000 words in length although
> > longer work will be considered. Visual assists are also greatly
> > encouraged, as well as graphics, illustrations, and photographs (but
> > excluding all logos). We do not link to myspace pages. Payment is in
> > the form of extended complimentary subscription, complimentary display
> > ad, author is permitted to duplicate and sell Radical Caring keeping all
> > profits and other awards are given."
> >
> > =====end of listing=============

I then received a reply from which was as follows:

Thanks so much for considering us for your advertisement. I'm sorry to
> inform you we only post paying opportunities.
Good luck!
> Deborah Ng

My reply to you (shortened for brevity) was as follows:

Dear Freelance Writing Jobs,

Thanks for your email. Radical Caring is a not-for-profit publication
and the position is paid. It states at the bottom that it pays.
"Payment is in the form of extended complimentary subscription,
complimentary display ad, (to be exact, a '1/6 pg 5" high by 2 1/2' wide
ad- currently valued at $29.00 but a far greater value when you consider
that most writers can't afford an ad inside most corporate magazines
which they write for). In addition, the author is permitted to
duplicate and sell Radical Caring keeping all profits (which has a
potential value of thousands of dollars) and other awards are given."
Many other magazines, publishers and especially multinational
corporations create writing positions that offer, cold hard cash which
percentage wise, equates to less than .000005% of the profit which they
make on the final writing product. Radical Caring actually cares about
our writers thus we offer them the opportunity for writers to actually
sell the final product keeping 100% of the profits.

The kind of payment which [your website generally is restricted to] is
obviously strictly in cold, hard cash and it is very unfortunate to your
readers, writers, to people working for a better world, and even to the
 people who enabled you to be in such a powerful position that you
should exclude other forms of payment. This world existed for thousands of years using
mutual aid, barter and trade which often creates a form of payment which
is far more socially just then cash ever could represent.

Your [website’s] strict interpretation of 'payment' also creates a power
structure which promotes writers to only hear (through your website) about
magazines and publications which have cold, hard cash as a result of
their unethical, unscrupulous, multinational corporate business

Your website currently post leads for "Golf Event Magazine" and for
[another website described only as] "Golf Writers" which only pays fifty dollars
with their description posted on an anonymous Craig list webpage, but our
activist publication, which has a website, podcast and blog is censored by your

Maybe the Radical Caring focus on caring about the creation of a
socially just world causes us to come up lacking for cold, hard cash but
its a sacrifice for which our readers and writers thank us.

Thanks for your wish for your Good Luck. Please also send my thanks to
the primary Writers Gazette website for including entries in their 'calls
for submissions' webpage under "Writer Jobs" which include barter and trade
payment listings for writers.

Love, Solidarity for a Better World,

-Radical Caring writer


SIde Note: if any readers are looking for good blogs for writers please visit these
(listed in alphabetical order):

  1. A Community of Activist Writers/ Bloggers

  2. Allison Winn Scotch’s Ask Allison

  3. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog

  4. Anne Wayman’s The Golden Pencil

  5. Carson Brackney’s Content Done Better

  6. Dianna Huff’s B2B Marcom Writer Blog

  7. Kristen King’s InkThinker

  8. Liz Strauss’s Successful-Blog

  9. Love4truthnews Community

  10. Tom Chandler’s Copywriter Underground

  11. Zine_scene

  12.  Zine_world

  13. Zinegeeks

  14. Zinereviews

  15. Zines_canada

  16. Zinescene

  17. Zinescene_uk

  18. Zinestar

  19. Zinester

  20. Zinesters

Number #1, #9 and #11 through #20 are Community Blogs and anyone may post to them.
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Faith In The Fury


Calling all Republicans. SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS by checking out the latest book by Frank Selden.
Book's Website-

Calling Jon Stewart- give this guy an interview...seriously..It's a great idea.

He'll speak at your church or organization.

He'll really appreciate your support.



Hey Dems, you would like this book too. Don't dare resist- paradigm shift!


6 updates for 5/11/2006: Meeting, 5pm, Wednesday, May 17th, 2006; Worldwide teleconference and More!

Dear friends,

Across many nations people are preparing for the 2006 A World Beyond
Capitalism (AWBC) Conference! After over a year of preparations,
fundraisers, monthly public meetings and international multicultural
outreach… The conference begins in less than 120 days! The conference
will take place from August 26th through August 28th, 2006 in Milo
McIver Park (40 minutes from Portland, Oregon) and camping, workshops,
exhibition space, festivals, childcare and all meals are completely free
of charge!

Here are a few of the cities and towns which have upcoming events to
help plan for the AWBC 2006:

#1. Portland, Oregon: AWBC Event: Food, Fun and AWBC Volunteer Planning
Time and Date: 5pm-7pm, Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Location: in the Community Room of Peoples Co-op, 3029 SE 21st St.,
Portland, OR 97202 or call (503) 727-2622, ext. 1 for info on the
recorded greeting. Or go to the AWBC website and click ‘volunteer.’
Free vegan refreshments!

Come and enjoy excellent music, fun, food, friends and the feeling of
working for worldwide peace and multiracial equality as a part of this
awesome Volunteer event! Even better, don’t wait until the meeting!
Visit our website, click “volunteer” and then print out some of our
flyers and post them around your home, office, activist group or
library! You can make a difference! Solidarity!


#2. From Paia, Hawaii! Among the many other workshops, speakers and
performers that have just recently added to our ever-growing list of
participants is: Felicity Artemis [Paia, Hawaii]
(photo available on participants page of AWBC website)

Workshop Title: INDECENT EXPOSURE, A Performance Piece.
Performance artist Felicity Artemis, known for her outrageous onstage
antics, bares all to expose the true nature of decency, humanity and
personal accountability in a world that is dying for change. She is a
sovereign entity, and has been performing revolutionary theater in the
form of one-woman shows for 7 years. Her work is a performance piece
that educates and inspires personal accountibility for American citizens
that claim to be in opposition to our government’s imperialist
atrocities and unethical foreign policy, but are bought-in practically
to the lifestyle this affords them. She has the gift of synthesizing
complex issues into a cognitively accessible form and calling people to
their integrity in a way that is gentle yet empassioned. Through poetry,
storytelling and interactive surprises, she brings the audience to a
“12-Step style recovery program for recovering consumerists,” those who
acknowledge the discrepancy between their values and their actions and
want to reconcile them. Her work has been described in such a way:
“Felicity's blend of poetry, humor, and lust is an in-your-face
embodiment of the truth that heals.” Workshop schedule:
Festival/performance , Sunday, August 27th, 2006 - 8:00pm - 9pm.


#3. Portland, MAINE: A Caravan of several cars and buses will be
traveling from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon picking up people
from all states in between! We are asking activists to work in
solidarity with the multi-racial alliance building goals of the AWBC and
to provide transportation to people living in Native American
reservations, Canada and Mexican border towns and other marginalized
areas of the USA and North America in order to join the caravan! The
Caravan trip is an excellent opportunity for networking and creating
worldwide alliances! Some people may even enjoy the Caravan ride more
than the conference! The AWBC will work endlessly to include the voices
of people typically left behind! We greatly welcome people of all
races, ethnic groups and marginalized groups.


#4. Mexico: A group of Peace Pilgrims traveling through Mexico, from
the Phillipines will engage in a multicultural performance during the
evening of August 27th at the Conference! They have traveled from
across the planet to bring you this performance and we hope that you
will not miss it!


#5. Olympia, Washington: A World Beyond Capitalism Conference Volunteer
Meet-Up and Planning Meeting

Come and enjoy free vegan refreshments, friends and the feeling of
working for worldwide peace and multiracial equality as a part of this
wonderful volunteer meeting! This meeting is suitable for the entire
family. We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups and
marginalized groups. For details go to or and click on ‘Worldwide Meetings’ or
call the AWBC Nationwide infoline at (310) 285-3222 and leave a message.

Time and Date:
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Location: For time, date, location and details call our Nationwide
infoline at (310) 285-3222 and leave a message! All are welcome /

Solidarity for a better world!

#6. International, In EVERY STATE WORLDWIDE: A World Beyond Capitalism
Conference International Teleconference Planning Meeting

We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups and marginalized
groups to join us on May 13th for our teleconference meeting. For more
details click on “worldwide meetings” after going to or

Time and Date:
12noon, Pacific Standard Time (West Coast USA) on Saturday, May 13th,
3pm, Eastern Standard Time (East Coast USA) on Saturday, May 13th, 2006

All are welcome/Bienvenidos.

Love for the people,

A World Beyond Capitalism Team

A World Beyond Capitalism 2006 Conference
The Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference
The Common Unity Peace Conference

Main Home Page:
Main Home Page:

Archives of Conference Updates:

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A World Beyond Capitalism Unofficial Online Community is found by
clicking on
either of the below two links. Everyone worldwide is welcome to join the
community. It is a personal, non-commercial community encouraging
and international networking.

or simply go to:

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demanding attention.



Democratic? Republican? Independent? Undecided?
put your politics aside and open your eyes.

The federal government under Bush and his administration lies, has lied, and will continue to lie... AT OUR EXPENSE!!
9-11 was an instrument of the American government to control the masses and empower those at the top even more.

If you care about:
the victims of the 9-11 attacks,
our troops and the victims of an unjust war in Iraq,
your loved ones,
your family,
your friends,
your pets,
your neighbors,
your community,
your city,
your state,
your planet,
and/or YOURSELF...

... then you need to watch this--


Tell EVERYBODY you know, and even reach out to those you don't know if you have the means to. If you've seen this, or know of the information within, then PLEASE share and continue to share the truth.
It takes less than 5 minutes of your time to effectively network with others.

Our inaction and apathy has gone on far too long...
Voting is no longer the proper and sufficient course of action; the federal machine under Bush and his administration's control has seen to ineffective elections and defeating our wills...
... Greater acts of justice are required, but the first steps are to LEARN AND INFORM!!
There is strength in numbers.

For Life.
For Liberty.
For Peace.
For Justice.
For Truth.
For Love, Responsibility, and Progress!!


for additional information and contributing sources:

(feel free to add more supporting evidence)
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The Bedford Diaries

An interesting site you've got here. You also might be interested in a review I just posted this morning, over at my blog Mere Words, about the WB's censorship of The Beford Diaries, the new drama series co-created by Tom Fontana and Julie Martin and executive-produced by Barry Levinson. Your comments are welcome. Enjoy.
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5 updates for 1/15/2006: Meeting, 4pm, Tuesday, January 17th, 2006. Worldwide Telconference! Join us

Dear friends,

Five Important UPDATES!

Contents of this email:

#1. Portland, Oregon: Tuesday, January 17th, A World Beyond Capitalism Conference (AWBC) Volunteer Meet-Up and Planning Meeting

#2. Worldwide: Saturday, January 21st, 2006 AWBC, International
Telconference Volunteer Meet-Up and Planning Meeting: You can join this meeting from anywhere in the world using just your telephone (or you can use your computer to call in by using skype... dowloadable at )

#3. Portland, Oregon: Thursday, February 16th, 2006 Tuesday, January 17th, AWBC Fundraiser: production:

#4. Olympia, Washington: February 15th, A World Beyond Capitalism Conference (AWBC) Volunteer Meet-Up and Planning Meeting

#5. Worldwide: Photos during the AWBC Worldwide travels and worldwide outreach

#6. Washington, DC: Volunteer of the AWBC will be in DC and will accepting proposals and answer questions about AWBC 2006.


#1. Come and enjoy free vegan refreshments, friends and the feeling of
working for a better world as a part of this wonderful volunteer meeting!
Bike maps, driving directions and more are available on our website. This meeting is suitable for the entire family. The bookstore has a children's play area so you are welcome to bring your infant or children. We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups and marginalized groups. For details go to
or or call (503) 727-2622 and leave a message. Time and Date: 4pm-6:00, Tuesday, January 17th, 4-6 PM, 2006 Location: Laughing Horse Bookstore, 3652 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97202. Free vegan refreshments. All are welcome. Bienvenidos.

#2. The AWBC is an International conference of unparalleled access and
outreach! In our commitment to reach out to minorities and marginalized people worldwide, including all people overseas, people in remote areas of the USA, and those those volunteers and people who would like to submit proposals, and ask questions who have severe disabilities that may cause them to be homebound, we have decided to have three international teleconference volunteer meetings. These three teleconference meetings will permit all AWBC
volunteers worldwide the opportunity to discuss plans for the AWBC 2006 which will take place August 26th through August 28th, 2006.

The first teleconference will take place at 12noon, Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, January 21st, 2006. No matter where you are in the world, join us! Here is how! Using a computer with skype, or a standard telephone it's very easy to join the AWBC teleconference meeting.

Just dial 319-256-0500. It will prompt you to enter the access code (113968) you will be placed in a que and as folks call in you are connected. It's a long distance call (to Iowa, where the call center is) so long distance charges apply. Attached is the full set of instructions. It's probably more information than you want or need. Anyway, here it is [it is quoted from the freeconference call center email that we received.]


Dial-in Number: (319) 256-0500
Access code: 113968#


When you use your free conference call number you will need
to organize every one in your call by notifying them of the date, time, dial in number and access code of your conference. All parties will call the same dial in number and enter the same access code followed by the # key. Once in a call every caller will be able to talk. All participants will have access to these touch tone commands.


When prompted enter the access code that has been assigned to
you followed by the # key.
Additional host feature keys can be accessed by pressing the (*)
key at the end of the access code instead of the # key.

123456# access to participant feature keys

123456* access to host feature keys for organizers and guest speakers


3 Exit - exit the conference call

4 Instructions - conference instructions

6 Mute/Unmute - caller controlled muting

HOST FEATURE KEYS(accessed by following the pass code with a
*instead of a #)

2 Count - plays the number of parties in the call

3 Exit - takes you out of the conference call

4 Instructions - conference instructions

5 Listen only modes - host controlled muting

6 Mute/Unmute - caller controlled muting

7 Secured/Unsecured - stop callers from entering

8 Tone controls


Caller count 2 (host only)
Allows the host to get a count of how many callers are on the code

Exit conference 3 key

Pressing 3 Takes the individual user out of the conference call and back into the lobby.

Instructions 4 key
Plays a menu of touch tone commands

Listening modes 5 key (host only)

There are 3 different listening modes for the audience - the
default mode is open conversation - pressing 5 once will mute the audience however the audience can un-mute them selves by pressing 6 for questions or guest speakers - pressing 5 again will put the audience into mute mode with out the capability of un-muting themselves -press 5 again and it will return you to open conversation mode.

Mute 6 key
Pressing 6 will mute the line of the individual caller pressing 6 -
Pressing 6 again will un-mute the line.

Security 7 key (host only)
Pressing 7 will secure the conference and block all other callers attempting
to enter the conference - pressing 7 again will re-open the conference to all
caller joining.

Tone control 8 key (host only)
The default setting is Entry and Exit tones on - pressing 8 once and you will hear entry and exit tones off, press 8 again and you will hear Entry tone off exit tone on, press 8 again and you will hear entry tone on exit tone, pressing 8 one more time will put youbackin default mode with both exit and entry tones on.


What are the costs involved in a FreeConferenceCallT?
Only normal domestic long distance rates charged by the
participant's long distance carriers for the length of the callapply.

Is there a limit on how many calls I can make?
No, you may make an unlimited number of calls and have an
unlimitednumber of access codes if you feel it necessary.

How many callers can be in a single conference?
96 caller maximum in each conference with no required minimum

Is this an Internet service using my computer, mic and speakers?
No, this is a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
conferencing service that utilizes your regular telephone.

[Note: It stated that skype is possible. Hopefully, if you have skype, it
will work.]]

[Thank you Niles for researching all of this! Everyone's help makes a big

#3. We will be showing the critically acclaimed Democracy Now production: Arundhati Roy: Public Power in the Age of Empire!

Come and enjoy food, friends and the feeling of working for
worldwide peace and multiracial equality as a part of this wonderful
fundraising event! Bike maps, driving directions and more are available on our website. The bookstore has a children's play area so you are welcome to bring your children. We greatly welcome people of all races, ethnic groups and marginalized groups. 100% of the funds raised during this fundraiser will be used for travel expenses for AWBC keynote speakers of all races and backgrounds. (See Progressive Directory or the 'participants' page on our website). “...Arundhati Roy is how the peace movement arms itself. She turns our grief and rage into courage.” —Naomi Klein, author of 'No Logo'. For details go to or or call (503) 727-2622 and leave a message. Time and Date: 7pm-9:00, Thursday, February 16th, 2006 Location: Laughing Horse Bookstore, 3652 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97202. Free vegan refreshments. All are welcome, Bienvenidos.


#4. Olympia, Washington. Title: A World Beyond Capitalism Conference
Volunteer Meet-Up and Planning Meeting

The AWBC would like to thank everyone in the Olympia, Washington area for the warm welcome! Also, special thanks to jennifer who will be hosting the next AWBc meeting in Olympia! Come and enjoy free vegan refreshments, friends and the feeling of working for working for a better world as a part of this wonderfu volunteer meeting! Printable, multilingual flyers are available on our website. This meeting is
suitable for the entire family. We greatly welcome people of all races,
ethnic groups and marginalized groups. For details go to or or call the AWBC nationwide infoline at (310) 285-3222, anytime 24 hours a day and leave a message. Time and Date: 4pm, Wednesday, February 15th, 4pm, The meeting will be held on the
2nd floor, using the table and chairs area located in between the café and the bookstore on the 'College Activities Building' of Evergreen State
College. Olympia, Washington. Free vegan refreshments. All are welcome. Bienvenidos.

#5. Last but not least, here are some Photos during the AWBC Worldwide travels and worldwide outreach

More photos here:

If you plan on coming to the AWBC to help volunteer, please feel free to
register for an account on the AWBC scrapbook site and upload pictures from your area of the world! It will take a few days for the photos to be
approved before they appear. We look forward to seeing you at the AWBC 2006 in August 2006!

#6. Washington, DC: D, a volunteer of the AWBC, will be teaching a class at the Ninth Annual Conference on Organized Resistance (NCOR) titled: The Crisis of Holding Resistance Events at Culturally, Racially and Politically Alienating Institutions of the Empire Rather Than Peacefully Seizing the Land that Rightfully Belongs to the People. If you are on the East Coast, after the workshop, please use this opportunity to submit proposals for the AWBC, ask questions or ask how you can volunteer for the AWBC! Together, we can make a better world! NCOR info here:

Love for the people,

A World Beyond Capitalism Team

A World Beyond Capitalism 2006 Conference
The Annual International Multiracial Alliance Building Peace Conference
The Common Unity Peace Conference

Main Home Page:
Main Home Page:

Archives of Conference Updates:

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A World Beyond Capitalism Unofficial Online Community.
Everyone worldwide is welcome to join the community.
It is a personal, non-commercial community encouraging
discussion and international networking.
and also...

You can also unsubscribe immediately, read archives or read more about this 3c (3 contacts or less per month) email list at:

Thank you for your time and interest in helping to create a better world!